Computers – Oh How They’ve Changed Our Lives

by Modis on October 3, 2017

Can you live without a computer? If you think you can, take a look at your phone, your smart TV, any streaming devices or programs like Dropbox. Now, do you think you can live without a computer? The fact is that computers are woven into every inch of modern life. Computers have come a long way since their humble 1930s beginning.

A Brief Computer History

The first computer concept was developed in 1937 with a Boolean logic demonstration by George Stibbitz. His invention resulted in the first calculator. It wasn’t too long after that (around 1939) that Bill Hewlett and David Packard founded their company Hewlett-Packard.

In 1960 the first online network was created, which connected 23 computers in the US and Canada. That same year, Apple opened its garage door in 1977. From there, IBM launched, Apple expanded and Google hit the scene in 1998. As soon as the first computer was invented, the workplace became more efficient. Today, that efficiency has been taken to a whole new level with personal devices, the cloud and various communication platforms.

Computers at Work

Computer literacy is an essential workplace skill in almost any industry. Even farming has gone the way of the computer. Farmers now use technology to learn about weather patterns, crop growth, production, and many other facets of farming.

Understanding how to use popular computer programs can make you a more appealing job candidate and help you keep up with others vying for the same position. Today, computers are heavily integrated into the classroom environment starting even at the elementary school level. So new applicants are already a step ahead of seasoned workers that may not know how to use PowerPoint or how to build a pivot table in Excel.

Experience in Microsoft Office is just the beginning of what companies are expecting out of candidates today. Many teams are now using online platforms like Slack, Asana and Trello. Even if your team doesn’t use one of these programs, we’re betting you use LastPass, Dropbox or other application.

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The Connected Home

Computers have invaded every aspect of our lives, beyond just the office. You probably have some kind of connected device at home, streaming TV box, Bluetooth speaker, a smart TV. Computers are all around us at every turn, even when we exercise or sleep. Connected devices like fitness trackers and watches keep tabs on our heartbeats and sleeping habits. Whether conscious or asleep, computers are collecting data around the clock.

While the concept of a computer was once a very foreign thing, it would be difficult to work, learn or live today without some kind of connected device in today’s world. The invention of the computer has changed our lives forever. From cooking to medical producers to everything in between, computers have opened the door for endless possibilities. As the tech industry continues to expand the role of computers in our lives the more vital staying up to date with computers and the latest tech becomes.

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