Cyber Monday: Holiday Shopping On The Rise

by Modis on November 22, 2011

In 2010, 88% of online retailers participated in Cyber Monday, and the event only looks to be gaining more steam. This infographic breaks down the rapid growth of one of the biggest shopping days of the year and explores the retailers’ behind-the-scenes attempts to keep up with the increasing customer volume.

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Cyber Monday: Holiday Shopping On The Rise

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  • 4.3 billion visitors per minute hit 270 online retailers on this day.
  • In 2010, retail sites saw a visitor increase of 39% over 2009.
  • Most people shop Cyber Monday deals while at work after the long weekend.
  • The average shopper does about 36% of their holiday shopping online.
  • 25% of retailers start deals earlier than Monday.

How Did Cyber Monday Start?

Cyber Monday is a fairly recent event and was created by the National Retail Federation.

  • The first Cyber Monday was in 2005.
  •, the online division of NRF, noticed an increase in online sales after Thanksgiving and decided to brand it.
  • In 2005, just 45% of online retailers held sales.
  • In 2007, 72% of online retailers joined the Cyber Monday movement.
  • Last year, 2010, 88% of online retailers participated in Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Growth.

  • 2005 – $484 million
  • 2006 – $608 million
  • 2007 – $733 million
  • 2008 – $846 million
  • 2009 – $887 million
  • 2010 – $1,028 million

Where Cyber Shoppers Buy

In order of most visited:

  • 2. Best Buy
  • 3. Toys R Us
  • 4. Sears
  • 5. Kmart
  • 6.
  • 7. QVC
  • 8. Kohls
  • 9. Dell
  • 10. Home Depot

Behind the Scenes of Cyber Monday

For the customers, Cyber Monday deals are simple, but what really goes on behind the scenes?

  • Promotion
    • This year has seen an increase of 23% in Google Adwords spending.
    • WebiMax reports an increase of 400% in ad revenue leading up to Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Traffic
    •  Over 5% of annual traffic occurs on Cyber Monday, according to the top 100 online retailers.
  •  How do e-retailers prepare for the drastic influx of traffic?
    • Adding servers for the holidays
    • Adding application delivery controllers (ADC)
    • Using the cloud
  • Security
    • Secure transactions don’t just happen, it’s a process to set up SSL on a site, though most retailers will have this in place long before Cyber Monday.
    • Only 28% of online shoppers buy without checking for security measures.

 Why Use the Cloud?

Even retailers with plenty of servers can expect a big spike in traffic on Cyber Monday. Fortunately, there are solutions and using the cloud is an excellent option for several reasons.

  • Temporary
    •  You can set up cloud usage just for the extra traffic that comes in from big events, rather than all the time.
  • Pay Per Use  
    • Many cloud services offer the option of pay per use, so even when cloud costs are high, if they are only used for traffic spikes such as Cyber Monday spikes, it is more affordable than adding another server.
  • Easy Setup
    • Cloud services tend to be quite user friendly, meaning companies can make sure their websites will stay up, without hiring more employees.

Top Tech Gadgets in 2011

In 2010, sold out of its Cyber Deal on iPod Touch and Kindles did very well, too. So what’s hot this year at e-retailers?

  • Kindle Fire: This full color e-reader from was just released in November and is looking good for holiday sales.
  • BOQARI Q1 Earbuds: These stylish earbuds are usually around $300, so Cyber Monday deals make these much more affordable.
  • Xbox Kinect: One of the hottest new gaming systems on the market, the Kinect is picking up speed this holiday season.
  • Garmin nuvi 1300 Portable GPS: For the person on the go, a portable GPS can be a good deal this year.
  • iPad 2: Though the iPad 2 was released early, it is still one of the hotter items available for Cyber Monday deal hunters and is likely to sell out fast.

Cyber Monday is growing by leaps and bounds every year as people realize that it is far easier to make a purchase online than it is to wait outside a store at 3 am. We can expect to see even more buyers participating in 2011, with sales going higher than ever.

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