Dads vs. Technology: Funny Fatherly Tech Fails

by Modis on June 17, 2016

Many dads seem to have a happy knack fman avoiding tech fail on phoneor silly shenanigans, goof-ups, and memorable mistakes when it comes to handling the newfangled technology of today—much to the chagrin of theirs tech-savvy spouses and kids. For some pops, staying tech-savvy isn’t a high priority, while others think they’re in-the-know… that is, until something goes horribly awry.

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a humorous look at a handful of endearing fails and wacky moments from dads who can’t seem to handle their technology.

1) Siri voice texting fail.

Wrestling with artificial intelligence can be both funny and frustrating for just about anybody who’s not used to chatting with a computer. For one dad, a simple task like telling his daughter he loves her over a voice text message turned into chaos thanks to Siri’s antics. When his message of “love you” didn’t immediately send, Siri captured the dad’s tech-frustrations before eventually sending the whole thing.

2) Vacation video flip-flop.

With his parents headed to a nice vacation getaway in Las Vegas, Evan Griffin gave his dad a GoPro to capture their adventures. His folks had a great time, but when they got back, he made a bizarre discovery. Apparently, his dad had recorded the entire thing with the GoPro facing the wrong direction at the end of a selfie stick. Evan uploaded the hilarious video to YouTube, which went viral. An embarrassing mix-up? Sure. But it actually spawned a return trip thanks to the Las Vegas Convention & Tourism Authority, who invited Evan’s parents back for a “do-over.” See his video for yourself!

3) Rocker dad’s format flub.

You can do a lot of amazing things with YouTube, but video technology still has its boundaries. Don’t tell that to this dad, who tested the waters with facepalm-worthy results. His quest to get his hands on guitar tab for Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” didn’t quite work out as planned, as this epic photo fail chronicled by his dumbfounded kid shows. (The caption says it all!)

4) Dad and baby face swap.

Not all of the best tech fails are unintentional. There are plenty of amazing examples of dads using technology to produce outrageous antics. For example: this dad and his family made viral waves with a video that’s equal parts terrifying and gut busting. Using SnapChat, this father conducted some “experiments” with various family members and the app’s face-swapping tech. It’s the stuff of nightmares, but you have to watch the whole thing to get the full effect.

5) Dad bans tech.

This Canadian dad probably isn’t alone in his frustration over his son’s gadget obsession, but we imagine few families are willing to take such drastic measures to improve things. When his son opted to play on his iPad instead of going outside to play, Blair McMillan initiate a year-long household-wide ban on any technology developed after 1986—the year he was born. That’s some serious business!

Have any funny dad-centric stories and tech fails you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them! Post in the comments section below.

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