Fastest Growing Tech and Engineering Jobs by 2024

by Modis on June 6, 2017

future tech jobs and engineering jobsAlthough the technology and engineering industries are constantly changing, employment in their niche sectors remains steady. Over the next decade, however, jobs in these industries won’t remain steady any longer – they’ll actually experience significant growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech job creation will outpace total job creation at 12 percent growth compared to the nation’s 6.5 percent growth over the next decade. Engineering will also see positive growth with a steady 2.7 percent increase through 2024.

Which specific tech jobs and engineering jobs will see the most growth in the next ten years? Look no further than the comprehensive list below!

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

The boom in alternate energy is only sustainable if there are skilled workers to support it. These technicians ensure that wind turbines maintain maximum performance, helping society to harvest wind power efficiently. Supporting a plethora of engineers in the energy sector, this job is projected to see 108 percent growth by 2024.

Software Developers, Applications​

It’s not just smartphones users that are finding the value in applications! Industries ranging from banking to entertainment are pursuing opportunities with applications, both on mobile devices and on desktop. As the Internet of Things continues to flourish, applications will only see further growth. These professionals are expected to increase by 18.8 percent in the next decade.

Computer Systems Analysts​

An important but often underutilized role, Computer Systems Analysts will experience 21 percent growth through 2024. These tech professionals find efficiencies in computer systems and procedures, then design solutions that will help the business. A true intersection of business and IT, this role is one we’re glad to see make the list!

Biomedical Engineers

These professionals are one of the cornerstones of the healthcare industry. They combine medical knowledge and engineering science to create a variety of tools to aid in medical care. As the general population ages, these positions will become even more needed. That’s just one of the reasons why the BLS anticipates 23 percent job growth for these engineers.

Website Developers​

From design to technical specs, Web Developers are typically the leads on website creation and maintenance. As we shift from a pen and pencil technology to a digital realm, websites are increasing in importance for businesses and individuals alike. ​Website Developers can expect to see 27 percent job growth over the next ten years.

Computer Support Specialists

As long as people are using computers, they will need support when issues arise. Computer Support Specialists are there to save the day and help users when computer issues arise. They’re vital in maintaining optimum performance with staff, especially when new programs and systems are installed. These IT pros will see 12 percent job growth through 2024.​

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