How to Find the Top Gifts of the Season

by Modis on December 19, 2017

The holiday season is in full swing, and if you’re still on the lookout for that perfect gift, your window of shopping time is closing rapidly. Fortunately for procrastinators who don’t want to fight through the crowded aisles at the mall, the internet is a limitless resource for finding and buying exactly what you need.

Need some inspiration? These are some of the best ways to find the top gifts of the season.

Crowdsourced by Amazon

Amazon is the undisputed heavyweight champion of online sales, and that means they have some robust data to pull from when making gift recommendations.

Amazon curates a Gift Ideas page based on the most popular products ordered as gifts. Updated daily, the Gift Ideas page lets you drill down into departments and multiple layers of subcategories, allowing you to get hyper-specific with your recommendations. Curious which laptop accessories are the most gifted within the electronics department? Amazon Gift Ideas lets you find out.

Consult Your Bookmark Bar

The websites you read every day can be an invaluable gift resource, especially if you’re shopping for someone with similar interests. Many editorial websites will publish yearly top gift lists based on the interests of their readers, and these lists are highly curated from the writers whose opinions you already know and trust.

In fact, Modis publishes a [Geek Gift Guide](hyperlink this line) every year, which is perfect for when you’re shopping for any kind of geek in your life.

See What’s Going Out of Stock

When talking about the top gifts of the season, it’s important to keep a close eye on the items that are flying off the shelves. There’s a special wow factor when you give a gift that’s almost impossible to find, especially if it’s something your giftee has been pining for.

This year, Nintendo’s SNES Classic has been one of the most sought after gifts of the season. While not quite as limited as the NES Classic from the year prior, Nintendo’s miniature throwback video game console remains sold out at online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores alike. Restocks have been sparse, but setting up a Google alert for “SNES Classic restock” will keep you updated. The console can also be purchased through third-party vendors on Amazon, provided you’re willing to pay above-market price.

WowWee’s Fingerlings toy has also been a hot seller. These miniature interactive baby monkeys are currently sold out on Amazon in all six of their color variations, but they too can be bought through third-party Amazon vendors for about twice their $14.99 MSRP price.

Turn to Social Media

More than just a place to share your own content, social media sites are a powerful search engine that can unlock thousands of top gifts and gift lists.

Pinterest’s foundation for discovery is built on keyword searches. Try searching “hottest gifts” or “top gifts 2017″ to see suggestions across every imaginable interest. Or, if you’re looking for something more specific, try narrowing your search to something like “geek gift ideas” to see more tailored recommendations.

Instagram, meanwhile, doesn’t offer the same robust search capabilities, but searching by hashtag will reveal gift ideas broken down more by individual gift posts rather than curated lists. Try #giftideas or #giftsfor___ to tap into millions of posts on the channel.

You can also follow hashtags on Instagram to have these ideas regularly pop up in your feed. Instagram’s algorithm will learn which types of ideas you like over time, giving you a steady stream of ideas that requires no leg work on your side.


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