Funniest Tech Toons

by Sam Perry on January 19, 2010

For tech related toons, XKCD (which bills itself as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language) continues to rule the web. Its dry comedic delivery of geek-related themes amuses, provokes and entertains like no other. Be sure to hover over the comics for the alt-text commentary.


From comes a perfect description of a typical web design process. It’s not only funny, it is, unfortunately true. I have dealt with each of these people personally. More than once.

Monty isn’t technically a techie, but the comic is littered with decidedly geeky (and funny) themes, like robots and time travel. is a constant source of geek-speak humor, chock full of techie jokes and hardcore references to old and new technology.

Dilbert may seem like a strange choice for a list of tech-related toons, but really, what IT professional can’t relate to half-baked strategy, and frustrating co-workers?

Control-alt-delete details amusements in the life of a gaming geek and his long-suffering girlfriend (married just recently, in real life and on paper).

Dinosaur Comics is an incongruous combination of dinosaurs doing basic dinosaur things (like stomping cottages) while discussing high-level intellectual concepts. I can’t explain its appeal. But I can’t deny it either.

Ninjas, pirates, robots, remote control goats with mutant powers…what’s not to like about The Adventures of Dr. McNinja?

Mandatory Fun Day from the guys at the DailyWTF. A web comic about software, technology, and life as a corporate code monkey.


Hilarious and sad, because it usually hits way too close to home. Business Guys on Business Trips. The comic focuses on life in Ad agencies, but those in IT and web design can usually relate.

This was a totally unscientific sampling of my personal favorite online comics, and I hope you’ll find they make you laugh too!

The probably unnecessary disclaimer- While I’ve never found any of these web comics to be offensive, I can’t speak for all of you. If the occasional curse word bothers you, proceed with caution 🙂

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