Our Favorite Geeky Jack-o’-Lanterns and Downloadable Templates!

by Modis on October 27, 2014

With Halloween this Friday, we’re in the pumpkin carving spirit at Modis! After browsing the internet for some inspiration, we’re astounded at the creativity and skill involved with some of these pumpkin designs. We started out by pinning some great examples on our Pinterest board, narrowed down 6 of our favorite geeky jack-o’-lanterns and even created carving templates of our own:

The Modis-o’Lantern

Rockin’ Robotkin

The Pumpktris

This throwback jack-o’-lantern looks pretty simple at first glance, but it’s fully playable and quite intricate with 125 embedded LED lights.

The Mockingjay-kin

The odds will be in your favor with this pumpkin modeled after Katniss’s Mockingjay pin from The Hunger Games trilogy.

The Link-o’-Lantern

Another carving inspired by a classic video game, this design of Link from Legend of Zelda by DeviantArt user johwee is impressively intricate.

The Sirius Black-kin

The infamous cover of Sirius Black on The Daily Prophet served as a a template for this Harry Potter themed jack-o’-lantern. We assume a magic wand was used in carving.

The Death-o’-Star

Part carving, part sculpture, this 2-D Death Star jack-o’-lantern is sure to delight Star Wars fans of all ages.

The Jackfox

A shout out to the popular web browser, the Firefox logo on this pumpkin has a striking glow sure to catch attention on any door step.

All-Call for Carving Creativity

Do you have a jack-o’-lantern you want to show off? We’d love to see! Post it on our Facebook or tweet it to us, and we’ll share our favorites.

Still not sure how to carve your pumpkin? We created two printable templates to get your started. Download them here:

The Modis-o’Lantern

Rockin’ Robotkin

Happy Halloween, geeks!

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