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by Modis on April 16, 2014

Earth Day Green CompaniesWe love being a part of the exciting and ever plugged-in tech world as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back and decompress from the constant bombardment of flickering screens and information overload. The good news is tech-centric companies are increasingly finding inventive ways to bring the tranquility of nature to the office while also reducing their impact on their environment.

In celebration of Earth Day, here’s a look at five green companies with cool office spaces designed with an eco-friendly work environment in mind:


Employee health and well-being is a big priority at Google’s offices. The company has a stringent process for vetting material vendors to use products it uses are made with nontoxic elements and the lowest VOC levels possible. Its other office sustainability programs like water recycling, on-site solar energy production, and carbon footprint reduction also meet — and occasionally exceed — LEED gold standards.


This Tiawanese IT firm takes green conceptualization to a whole new level. IPEVO’s central home office space, cleverly dubbed “Central Park,” is designed to transport employees to a realm of forest-tinged tranquility. With tables made around recycled tree trunks, dried grass for walls and doors, and natural earthy scents to match the peaceful decor, we can’t think of a better way to decompress from many hours in front of the computer.

Green OfficesPons + Huot

Coworking is another trend for environmentally friendly companies. Two French companies, Pons and Huot, share one of Paris’ most spectacular nature-infused offices, dubbed “Forest Through the Table.” This renovated industrial shop was transformed into a futuristic but woodsy office realm with excessive amounts of natural sunlight, a comfortable outdoor vibe, and huge Ficus-Panda trees woven throughout the workspace. (Image Source)

Apple’s Campus 2

At a quick glance, it’s easy to mistake Apple’s second campus for an alien spacecraft, but this circular eco-minded facility is shaping up to be one of the most impressive green offices yet. Design-wise, it’s a marvel: glass walls that let in crazy amounts of sun, a wooded park area in the center, and walking trails running through surrounding forest, to name a few notable features. Under the hood, the entire campus is designed with sustainability in mind, from dramatically reducing water consumption and waste to running off 100 percent on-site generated renewable power. Technically, Campus 2 won’t be completed and operational until some time in 2016. Still…way cool.

Green Companies and Green OfficesTwitter

Who says sustainability can’t be fun? Twitter’s slick, eco-friendly San Francisco office features the best of both worlds. The office’s playful visual design and atmosphere really pops, and with non-toxic furniture and no VOC paint to boot! Other green accoutrements include refurbished decorations and elements made with reclaimed barn wood. Plus, Twitter makes a great case for why every tech office needs a DJ booth. (Image source)

Spreading the Green

Have you stumbled across any incredible green office spaces or unique eco-friendly tech company setups in your online travels? Share in the comments section below!


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