A Heartwarming Holiday Story from Modis Atlanta

by Modis on December 23, 2013

Our Modis Atlanta branch shared a touching holiday story with all of us during an all-colleague meeting this past week. Once heard, we knew we had to share the story with all of you. We’d like to thank De’Angello & Tuan, Direct Hire Development Managers in Atlanta, for sharing this story for us and all of our Modis Atlanta branch for stepping up to help a consultant in need. It warms our hearts to know that Modis employees go above & beyond for our candidates, clients & consultants. Without further ado, we share this story with all of you. Happy holidays!

It started as just another job to fill…

After understanding the job requirements, Tuan and I [De’Angello] quickly went underway to locate the right fit. It wasn’t long before I got a submittal from Tuan in regards to Ron, a mid-level PHP developer. The client needed someone ASAP to help out on an important marketing initiative and with Ron’s immediate availability and relevant skills, we were able to start him the Monday following his Thursday interview and Wednesday submission. 

It was during our lunch interview where we found out more about Ron’s disposition. His pregnant wife lost their child due to a tragic rear-end accident on their way home from a job interview. A month before that, Ron’s contract ended abruptly due to corporate downsizing. It was just after Thanksgiving and Ron was without a job, without a car, and most disheartening, without a baby girl to welcome into this world.

One thing was clear; Ron was desperate, even willing to accept half of what he was making just to make ends meet since (how he put it) “some money is better than no money”. He would’ve accepted $30k –I delivered him the offer at a justifiable $55k. I believe candidates should never sell themselves short especially if they have the skills to back it up.

Today, Ron has already received his first paycheck from my client. He is unaware that a VISA gift card with money collected from the office and toys are headed his way later this week. He is now able to stop borrowing money from his mother-in-law, eat more than cereal and sandwiches as meals, begin looking at cars to become mobile again – and most importantly – he’s able to provide a Christmas for his family after a tumultuous and trying year.

Sure, in some part, Modis is to thank for bringing all of this together, but in large part, there were other celestial forces at work. This uplifting story helps define exactly what this holiday season is all about –and it sure does feel good to be reminded amidst the madness of all else that goes on in our lives. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Pictured above: Employees in Modis Atlanta Volunteering with Toys For Tots in December 2013

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