Infographic: IT Telecom Jobs Gained and Lost in 2009

by Sam Perry on April 28, 2010

When it comes to excitement in IT work, few sectors beat telecommunication for risks, rewards, and action: from web to LAN to mobile/wireless and mass media – largely becoming the exclusive realm of high-tech digital. But the largely IT-based telecom industry has been a rollercoaster for the past decade and getting into this fast-paced sector is an employment minefield.

While the high-tech industry as a whole hasn’t lost jobs as badly as other sectors (TechAmerica’s 12th annual Cyberstates report showed a 0.6% sequential dip in fourth-quarter technology employment in 2008, compared with a 1.3% decline in all private sector jobs), telecom jobs had still declined into the double-digits in some states, while others actually gained into double-digits.

So where are the jobs? Check out the infographic below to see which states gained more IT jobs than they lost in the telecom sector between 2008 and 2009:


Click image for full infographic

To be sure, a lot of the cities that are adding jobs are in unconventional markets for those seeking a future in IT, telecom, or both.

Would you be willing to relocate to, say Wyoming? To Oklahoma? New Hampshire?

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