Fantasy Information Technology: Building Your Dream Team

by Modis on January 24, 2012

If you were faced with the toughest IT problem on Earth, it would be useful to have a team of the best IT professionals ever. What if you could have any person, real or fictional, helping you out? Which people do you think would be most capable of solving any IT issue that comes their way? Here are the top 6 IT gurus who could most likely vanquish any IT enemy.

Larry Page


Unless you’ve somehow managed to obtain all of your information by searching at the library or texting one of those pointless companies that answer your random questions, you’ve heard of Google. You’ve most likely heard of this guy, too, as he is a co-founder of Google and is worth a measly $16.7 billion.

It’s a no-brainer to include someone who has been such a huge part of creating the genius that is Google and all of its products — Gmail, Google Books, Google+, Google Docs, etc. — and has revolutionized the way people use information.

David Lightman


If you’re wondering, “Who’s this David Lightman guy?” then you clearly didn’t have regular WarGamesmarathons in the 80s. Yes, this is our first featured fictional teammate. Played by a young Matthew Broderick, Lightman is the kid protagonist who loved hacking school computers to change his grades and managed to hack into classified government information, as well.

Anyone who can accidentally gain access to highly classified Internet material and then successfully solve the massive problem he created in doing so should be on an epic IT team. You’d just have to make sure he doesn’t play any Global Thermonuclear War.



All right, this isn’t exactly a person, but in the IT world, it should probably qualify as a team member based on its exceptional skills, especially for a machine! If the only Jeopardy!you’ve seen is the Celebrity Jeopardy skit on Saturday Night Live, you might have missed the IBM-Watson craziness.

To put it simply, this machine participated in Jeopardy! and actually served as a competitive contestant, capable of answering tough trivia questions. Because this device is making huge strides in data analytics, it would probably be a handy machine to have around for reference purposes. Hey, all you’d have to do is put the IT question you have in the form of a question!

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds, the man behind Linux, used his intelligence and perseverance to create one of the fastest growing operating systems ever based on his support of open source solutions. He more recently conducted a top-secret research project in order to launch the Crusoe™ processor.

Torvalds not only has the skill and intelligence to be a perfect fit for an IT team—he also has unyielding determination, as he continued to work on Linux even when, early on, some people called the system obsolete and were skeptical of its success.

Thomas A. Anderson


This amazing IT team candidate also goes by his more common name, Neo. While Tom starts as just a typical computer programmer, he ends up finding out that he’s The One. He figures out how to manipulate The Matrix and essentially gains the ability to do a ton of awesome stuff.

As someone who has control over the very fabric of life, it makes sense that Neo would be a necessary member of the ultimate IT team. Plus, if we didn’t pick him, he might release the agents on us.

Alexis Murphy


This name most likely went over your head, but yes, this would be another fictional character who happens to be the young blond girl in the Jurassic Park movie. Remember that scene toward the end when she’s able to reboot the park’s security systems and save the group from a velociraptor attack? Yeah. That deserves some props.

Why should another child be on the IT team? Anyone able to remain calm enough to utilize their IT knowhow and save everyone from a pack of dinosaurs deserves to be on an IT team.Also, if she could have so many skills when she’s young, imagine what she could do when she’s older! That is, of course, assuming fictional characters grow up. Hmm.


From machines to preteen girls, this team definitely has a wide range of IT pros. Whether you value nerve, pure computer skill, or an innovative attitude, who would you choose to be on your IT dream team? Remember — the sky’s the limit!

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