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by Modis on October 16, 2017

Working for a great boss can make all the difference between dreading rolling out of bed each morning and getting to the office with a smile on your face. With a strong leadership team setting the right tone to establish a positive and productive company culture, employees benefit from better engagement, stronger morale and a more fulfilling work experience. That’s why having an amazing team steering the ship is so vital to any company’s long-term success.

In celebration of Boss’s Day, we’d like to recognize a handful of top-notch tech leaders who are doing great work to help make pursuing careers in engineering, IT, and tech a happier, more fulfilling prospect.

Spencer Rascoff – Zillow Group

Ranking again this year on Glassdoor’s annual list of the 100 highest rated CEOs, Zillow Group co-founder Spencer Rascoff puts extra time and effort in each day ensuring his employees are feeling engaged, motivated and feeling good about their roles at the company. In fact, in the last three years, he’s responded to more employee reviews on Glassdoor than any other CEOs of similarly-sized companies.

Rascoff understands the value that happy, productive employees can bring to the workforce. This investment banker turned entrepreneur takes a personal interest in creating a company culture where people are empowered to make decisions and feel ownership over their outcomes. Employee happiness is a high priority, and Rascoff says the satisfaction that comes from learning people find Zillow Group a great place to work is immense.

Susan Wojcicki – YouTube

A vocal advocate for women in the tech workforce, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki uses her position and visibility to help foster positive change industry-wide. Wojcicki was among Google’s earliest employees, back when it was a scrappy tech start-up. She helped create AdSense, among other well-known Google initiatives, and was instrumental in orchestrating Google’s acquisition of YouTube in 2006.

As CEO of the wildly popular video platform, Wojcicki has been outspoken in combating gender discrimination and harassment among the tech sector, also making appeals to the younger generation of YouTube celebrities and influencers to help take a stand against important issues like racism, discrimination and gun violence.

Brian Chesky – Airbnb

Establishing a thriving and vibrant company culture often starts at the ground level. As CEO and co-founder of Airbnb, Brian Chesky’s community-focused efforts have built a closer connection with the global network of hosts who open up their homes for guests. Personal touches and a positive attitude have helped Chesky and his co-founders grow from a tiny start-up to a massive global multi-billion dollar business. As the company has continued to grow, paying mentorship and goodwill forward has been a big part of Chesky’s approach to instilling the company’s core values throughout its workforce.

Kimberly Bryant – Black Girls Code

A long-time IT career as an electrical engineer and computer programmer led Kimberly Bryant to seek out ways to empower youth to persevere in an industry where African American women make up a very small percentage of the workforce. Building on her passion for mentorship, Bryant founded Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young girls age 6-17 learn computer programming, game design and related skills needed to thrive in the massive tech industry. Her work to increase diversity in the IT sector, inspire youth, and break down barriers continues to grow and gain momentum each year.

Jeff Weiner – LinkedIn

Attitude is everything when it comes to fostering excellent leadership company-wide. For Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn, a positive outlook and willingness to embrace the importance of finding a good work-life balance sets a healthy tone that trickles down through the ranks and beyond. Coming from corporate leadership roles at Yahoo and Accel, Weiner’s wholesome approach to management has been a boon for the company’s continued expansion. Beyond his work at LinkedIn, he’s also very active on social media, sharing advice and offering goodwill to the business startup and tech community online.

Do you work for an awesome boss? Take a moment today to let them know you appreciate the great job they’re doing!

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