Top New Year’s Resolutions Around the Tech World

by Modis on December 30, 2014

New Years ResolutionsFrom Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to CEO Neil Vogel, tech leaders from across the industry are considering how to better themselves and their businesses in 2015. Within this group, you won’t find resolutions to lose that pesky 10 pounds or to stop eating candy, but rather meaningful missions that have a significant impact both personally and professionally. Still considering your own New Year’s Resolution? Here’s a few of our favorites sure to inspire greatness in 2015:

Brian Halligan

As the CEO and co-founder of HubSpot and a Senior Lecturer at MIT, Brian Halligan is a busy man. For his 2015 resolutions, he’s going to “think more and work less.” His plan to execute his resolution is clear:

“Breaking the cycle of email, meetings, and to-do lists is hard, but I’m trying to nap and meditate as much as possible. I’ll have dozens of mediocre ideas and one or two really good ones. Invariably, those really good ones come to me when I’m on the way in or out of a nap or while I’m trying to clear my head while meditating. There’s something about not actively thinking that creates a fertile ground in my brain for a breakthrough. I want to carve out more time in 2015 for those moments to happen.”

Tracey DiNunzio

Tracey DiNunzio firmly believes in the future of women in technology. The Tradesy founder and CEO has raised more than $13 million from investors including Richard Branson, and for 2015, she’s resolving to promote more diversity within both her company and the tech community as a whole:

“Our team is half female, half male, and made up of the most incredible people from a broad range of social and ethnic backgrounds. That kind of diversity breeds creativity and open-mindedness, and it’s an important part of our recipe for success. Only 2.7% of venture-backed companies have a female CEO, and less than 2% of venture capitalists are African-American or Latino. So I think our industry is missing out on a lot of opportunity and talent, and my resolution is to help change that.”

Sergio Monsalve

Venture Capitalist Sergio Monsalve’s resolution involves harnessing the power of social media to expand his views and inspire creativity:

“To help me generate new ideas and different ways of thinking, once a day I reach out and talk to someone in my social network who I know may have the opposite view to mine in a specific current event or controversial subject, which I know that person is particularly interested in. While it is uncomfortable for some people to debate and disagree, if done in a friendly way I think it is a key ingredient necessary to be innovative; I often see people get set in their ways and become too insular. Try to avoid that by reaching out and engaging in friendly debates to remain sharp in your thinking.”

Neil Vogel

If Neil Vogel is anything, it’s ambitious. Since taking the reins as CEO of almsot two years ago, he’s overseen a complete site redesign and the staff nearly doubling in size. As for his 2015 New Year’s resolution, he’s keeping it simple: he wants to learn to code.

“I have an 8-month-old son and want to be able to teach him when he’s ready.”

Additionally, he also wants break his habit of  “buying sneakers on eBay.”

Mark Zuckerberg

While the illustrious Facebook CEO has yet to decide his 2015 resolution, he’s no stranger to challenging himself. From only eating meat that he’s butchered himself to learning Mandarin Chinese in previous years, Zuckerberg focused on gratitude in 2014 by writing one thank you note per day. In a recent town hall event, he admitted that it has been a humbling experience for him:

“There are people who see the beauty of things. Then there are people who see things and want to make them better, and I tend to be the latter.”

Abhijit Bhaduri

Building off of what he learned from his 2014 resolution of holding weekly conversations with millennials to better understand them, blogger and social media influencer Abhijit Bhaduri has set his sights higher for 2015:

“I want to create a Curious Novice Conference. All the speakers should be people who can reframe conventional problems through the eyes of a curious novice.”

The Exceptional Connection Resolution

Setting goals is an essential step for development on all levels – both personal and professional. Whether you’re resolving to further your career in 2015 or enhance your current IT staff, Modis can be your partner in achieving your resolution goals through our exceptional connections. Contact us today.

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