Have the Best Summer Vacation Ever With This Technology

by Emily Shore on July 29, 2017

Busy summer schedule? Summer has room for lots of downtime and relaxation, but it often fills up quickly with on the go traveling. Traveling over the summer can quickly get exhausting, but with the help of the newest tech accessories and apps, your travels can be made easy. If you’re traveling this summer, no matter the distance or length of your trip, check out these trending tech items that are here to make your summer travels a breeze.

Must Have Apps


Localeur isn’t just another app, it consists of local community members that share their recommendations to help travelers experience local. Localeur is currently in 40 major US cities with over 10,000 authentic recommendations. Tourist traps are often filled with crowds and long lines, this app allows you to get away from all the overly hyped locations and check out the locals’ favorite spots.


Have you ever returned from a trip, and said to someone, “wish you could have been there?” Well, you’re in luck! Now your friends can virtually be there with this app as it logs your entire trip for you. Esplorio is the simplest way to record and share your travels. The app automatically maps out routes, checks you into where you visit and uses your photos to create a digital travel journal. Not only is this a way to create and share your trips and vacations, it also can track previous trips based on your posts on social media by collecting social data. Don’t worry about international data bills while using the app since it does not require data, so you are still able to go offline while you’re traveling. The app also has unique Arc detection technology, making Esplorio the most battery-efficient of any all day tracking app.


Ever get to your final destination open up your suit case and realize you left your favorite shirt at home? It is nearly human nature to forget something you meant to pack while you are traveling. The app PackPoint makes it possible to pack without forgetting anything. This travel app checks the weather and creates customized packing lists for your trip. You can also share your list with those who are traveling with you. PackPoint creates a packing list based on your needs, activities and weather to make sure you are prepared for every aspect of your adventure.

Trendy Tech Gadgets

Knomo Backpacks

Backpacks are a basic travel essential, but Knomo is stepping up the backpack game. This backpack has advanced features that will make your on the go travels much easier and safer. Knomo’s mission is to make perfect accessories that are beautiful on the outside and smart on the inside. They have developed backpacks that are sleek yet equipped with RFID blocking to keep your personal information safe from identity fraud. When traveling abroad on buses, subways or trains you are an easy target for wireless identity theft. This backpack has multiple compartments for electronic devices as well as removable straps to change the style of the backpack.


A factor that causes great travel aggravation missing or lost checked luggage. With Trakdot users are now able to track their luggage during travels. Trakdot has newly patented micro-electronics and ground-based cellular telephone technologies to track and report, which allows the device to turn on and off into “airplane mode.” This allows travelers to have peace of mind about their luggage. If the luggage does end up getting lost, this tech gadget would save lots of time hunting for your belongings.

Horizn Studios Suitcase

Sitting in the airport can get boring with nothing to entertain you. Phones, computers, or tablets are common sources of entertainment while you wait for your flight, but they can’t entertain you if the battery is dead. Horizn Studios has created a suitcase that is equipped with a charger that way you never have to sit in boredom again. This suitcase also has a TSA approved lock and waterproof interior. This suitcase has a durable hard shell to protect and keep your belongs safe inside.


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