5 Fascinating Tech-Centric Kickstarter Campaigns

by Modis on August 29, 2014

The magic of crowdfunding is empowering lots of creatives and inventors to test out their ideas, then bring them to fruition without risking financial life and limb before they’re certain their concepts are proven wins. On Kickstarter, tech projects and electro geekery are huge draws among the thousands of assorted campaigns that are live at any given moment across 15 diverse categories.

After digging through the vast sea of unusual and innovative projects on tap on the Kickstarter platform, we’ve found some incredible stuff to share! Take a peek at these fascinating tech-centric kickstarter campaigns that are bound to tickle your inner geek.


A wearable ring-like computer mouse that lets you play games, code, surf the web, and do just about anything else you can imagine by using simple hand movements? Yes, please! Mycestro‘s lightweight Bluetooth powered design also lets you wear it comfortable while you’re typing. Bonus: it doubles as an über geeky fashion accessory!

Packed Pixels

If, like us, you’re used to the flexibility of a dual monitor desktop setup, jumping back to a single monitor while you’re on-the-go can feel agonizing. That’s where Packed Pixels saves the day. This tablet-sized high-resolution PC monitor hooks up to your laptop to give you more visual real estate to work with. It’s ultra portable and, frankly, a rather brilliant idea.

The Hug

When you’re immersed in a project and can’t peel yourself away from the computer for days on end, it’s easy to let simple but important things go the wayside…like proper hydration. The Hug is a neat bit of tech that attaches to any water bottle. It monitors motion data and uses algorithms to track how much you drink. That data is then sent to an iOS app that gauges your water intake, parses all the data into cool charts, and reminds you to keep yourself well-watered. Way to nerdify hydration in a fun way!


File this one under absolutely ingenius. SwivelCard is a normal business card with a high-tech twist: it has a USB drive printed into it. Yes, on the actual paper. You can program the card’s unique ID online so that it opens up any webpage you choose, including other online data, making it a really powerful way to make an impression on business contacts you meet.


We often have lots of different tech doodads, ranging from smartphones and laptops to desktops and tablets lying around. What makes Lima special is the way it lets you consolidate the file sharing between all your disparate devices, so that they all work as a group and share the exact same files as if they were a single device. It effectively erases the need to manually share files and hop between different gizmos because you forgot an important document elsewhere. Super handy!

Create Some Crowdfunding Buzz

Have you found any other cool tech or geek-friendly Kickstarter campaigns we should know about? Share your favorite ones in the comment section below!

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