Tech or Treat: Top Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes

by Emily Shore on October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween from Modis! Halloween is almost here and if you don’t have your costume yet, don’t panic. You’ll be sure to impress others and show off your nerdy side with these DIY costumes. Here are a few of our favorite tech-inspired Halloween costumes that you can create for yourself:

Computer Error:

This is for everyone who is in need of a last-minute costume but still wants to show off their nerdy side. If you work in tech the chances that you’ve seen this screen are pretty high.


What better way to show off your favorite childhood Halloween costume than with your typical robot costume. This one is so easy to make all you need is some silver paint and a cardboard box or two:

Cloud Computing:

You are probably using cloud-computing every day without even realizing it. This will really show your co-workers you know what you’re talking about if you include some benefits of cloud computing on your costume as well.

Favorite Web Browser:

This is one of our favorites. Working in tech we are constantly browsing the web, pick your favorite web browser and you can go as crazy or as simples as you would like. You and your team can all choose your browser of choice and all have different costumes.

Mario and Luigi:

Calling all video game nerds, this one for you. Mario and Luigi are sure to be a hit. Dress up as your favorite classic video game character.

Game of Thrones-John Snow:

Game of Thrones is growing in popularity, all binge Game of Thrones watchers, and this one is for you. This list you can choose from a variety of different characters, you get to pick your favorite. Our pick is John Snow.


With the release of the new Star Wars trailer, we are on edge waiting for the premiere. What better way to you’re your excitement than with a Star Wars themed Halloween outfit. A cardboard stormtrooper is one that is sure to get a lot of attention.

Pac Man:

Pac Man is a classic; we wouldn’t want to forget about this one. This one is great for a family, but you can also dress up solo if you need to. You can add as many people to this costume chain as you’d like, just add another ghost. Arcade games have not been forgotten about here at Modis.

These are just some of our favorite tech-inspired Halloween costumes. With tech, the possibilities are endless. Being a tech geek allows you to dress up with some of the best costumes that no one else will have. Be sure to get ready to explain what your custom is that way you can show off your tech knowledge.

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