Top Companies Investing in AI Research

by Modis on June 12, 2017

companies investing in AI

At Google I/O 2017, the company was hyper-focused on artificial intelligence (AI). CEO Sundar Pichai told attendees that Google would be re-thinking all of its products with an “AI-First” focus. In other words, Google is looking at the world with AI glasses. While Google is fresh in the minds of I/O attendees, other companies investing in AI research aren’t about to be outdone.

Here are some of the top companies spending time and dollars on all things artificial intelligence.


In 2016, Microsoft developed a new branch of its VC company “Microsoft Ventures.” The new fund is focused specifically on artificial intelligence startups that have “inclusive growth and positive impact on society.” Since the establishment of the AI arm, Microsoft has taken a number of artificial intelligence companies under its massive wing, including Montreal’s “Element AI,” a highly sought-after company dedicated to machine learning.


It’s difficult to name all of the AI research happening at Facebook. The company has already created facial recognition tech and tech for the hearing impaired, but most recently Facebook is working on Deep Learning – or teaching computers how to recognize and report things like violent videos.


Elon Musk’s Tesla goes where no AI has gone before. artificial intelligence is deeply integrated into Tesla’s brand with cars that can drive and park themselves. Even a recent and fatal artificial intelligence car crash hasn’t derailed this company from a strong AI focus.


the car ride company has invested heavily into driverless car and truck research. While Uber still has miles to go before catching up with Tesla, the company has just hired prominent AI researchers for its newly developed Toronto-based AI research center. Is a driverless pick-up or logistics app in Uber’s future?


Google has some competition in the AI sphere with Apple. The company is working on facial recognition with digital signage, which seems to be in line with Google Lens. Apple has also previously snapped up some small artificial intelligence companies including Turi, a machine-learning company.


Intel recently purchased Nervana Systems, an artificial intelligence software company based in Palo Alto, California. Intel mainly purchased Nervana for its software-as-a-service software called Nervana Cloud that lets businesses create customized deep-learning software.


This Alphabet company is often the go-to AI research company for tech bloggers. Deepmind has put out a plethora of research papers on the topic and, as such, is highly-respected for its views. Backed by a diverse team of researchers, Deepmind is one company to watch for regular artificial intelligence research.


Known in North American tech circles as “China’s Google,” Baidu has been making waves in AI research for some time now. The company has developed aids for the blind, driverless car technology, and other interesting artificial intelligence products. While Baidu is controversial, it’s still a company worth noting in the AI realm.


The music streaming company just purchased Niland, a French artificial intelligence company. In seeking ways to compete with Apple Music, Spotify is looking for help from the AI world.

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