Career Tips for Women in Technology

by Sarah Sample-Reif on March 8, 2017

one of many women in technology leading the wayAs one of many women in technology, I can tell you first-hand that our ranks are growing. In fact, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 294,000 more women working in the tech sector in January 2017 compared to a year prior. When one woman succeeds, it empowers all of us to achieve even more. That’s why I’m laying all my cards on the table on International Women’s Day and sharing tips to help women in technology achieve their potential. It is about celebrating accomplishments and advocating change to empower and advance women in IT.

Be Confident

Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions or speak your mind if you know what you’re talking about! Trust your instincts and your knowledge to lead you in the right direction, then take that leap of faith to believe in yourself and pursue the path you feel most strongly is right.

Be Educated

I’m not just talking about a degree! Stay in the loop with technology news and the latest tech developments to stay relevant and ensure you are thinking ahead as you form ideas and opinions on the tech space. This can help you become a thought leader among your coworkers and, more importantly, with your boss.

Be Connected

If we look at the plight of women historically, we didn’t get where we are today without groups of women banding together for a common purpose. Plug in with fellow female professionals, whether they are in tech or another industry. Not only will you build a solid professional network, you’ll likely also meet women who will push you professionally to achieve great things.

Be a Mentor

Remember what it was like to start your career? There are thousands of women taking that step every day looking for mentors like you to help ease their worries and show them the path to professionalism! Connect with opportunities to serve your local community by investing in the future of women in technology.

Be Consistent

Set your priorities and stick to them. Do you have a daily gym routine that’s the most important part of your day? Schedule your gym time and stick with it! Are you an integral part of an organization that meets frequently? Don’t miss those meetings! If it matters to you, it’s important to prioritize it.

Be Observant

Find people around you who are successful or who you admire and take note of what traits have gotten them there. Once you’ve identified the positive attributes that have lead them to where they are, adopt those behaviors for yourself. Conversely, if you’ve identified people whose career path you do not want to emulate, take note of their behavior traits and avoid them!

The Future of Women in Technology

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that computer and IT jobs will grow 12 percent by 2024, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Think about how many opportunities that means for women in technology! With these tips, I hope you’ll forge your own path as a powerful woman in technology.

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