Chatbots: The New Interface for Technology and Daily Life

February 2, 2017

“Hi, Alexa. What’s the weather?” Talking to Amazon’s voice-activated digital assistant via the Echo or Dot can be addictive. And it’s popular: These items sold out during the holidays. Their success with everyday consumers gives weight to what the tech world is saying: Chatbots are the new apps.

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The 10 best apps of the summer

September 12, 2013

Some of you may be wondering… “Modis, why did you bother asking us about our favorite apps during your Wind Down Geek Up Labor Day contest?” Well fellow geeks, we have an answer for you! We wanted to hear from the best of the best (you) to compile a list of the 10 best apps […]

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RIM’s Rebranding: Did Research In Motion Make a Major Mistake?

March 25, 2013

What’s in a name? As it turns out: everything. RIM’s rebranding to Blackberry was an epic move for the Waterloo company. After losing its (once massive) share of the smartphone market, big changes were needed. That change came in the form of a new phone, new OS, and new name. But were these changes for the […]

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BYOD Lessons from China

September 25, 2012

For the Chinese, having the very latest smartphone is like a fashion statement. Last year’s iPhone 4S may be completely passé by the time the iPhone 5 is released later this year.  The point here is that the smartphone landscape changes frequently and most Chinese BYOD policies accept the fluctuation. According to Stanley Li, CEO […]

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Tablet Wars – location, location, location

September 4, 2012

Apple rules! No wait, Android rules! While nearly everyone has an opinion on this (unless you are Rip Van Winkle and have been asleep for years), what seems to matter when determining your buying preferences is your location. A recent study from IDG Connect shows more first time buyers will opt for Android tablets over […]

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Our Modis Tech Connect app is here!

June 14, 2012

Make exceptional connections anywhere with the Modis Tech Connect App. Move over Angry Birds! Tech Connect – the new app from Modis designed exclusively for IT leaders and human resources professionals – is about to become your go-to app when you’re out on the go. • View our extensive collection of exclusive thought leadership pieces […]

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