Apple iPhone 4 Changing the Way the World Communicates

by Anya Jennings on June 15, 2010

Steve Jobs was looking just a little bit nervous during his introduction of the new Apple iPhone 4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference this month when a few of the web pages that were a part of his demonstration wouldn’t load.   Apparently the Wi-Fi networks in the conference center were overloaded.  Jobs jokingly asked the members of the audience to shut down their laptops “so he could use their Wi-Fi”. After that slight glitch Jobs continued the presentation and demonstrated why Apple, if it can get its products out there, has little to be nervous about.

Just a Few iPhone 4 Specifications

Watching Steve Jobs over the years, it should be obvious that he handles the announcements of his new electronic inventions like an academy award winning producer presenting a new movie slated for the Oscars.  “It’s one of the most beautiful designs you’ve ever seen.” Jobs reportedly said at the Worldwide Developers Conference, “This is beyond a doubt the most precise thing, one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever made.”

If it works like it should, with the iPhone 4, Steve Jobs knows his company has produced one of the most revolutionary phones in the industry. With over one hundred new features, many competing phone manufacturers will be playing catch-up.  Some of the announced new features of the iPhone 4 include:

  • The new phone is thin, 9.3 millimeters thick
  • It contains a front facing camera for video conferencing, and a rear facing camera for photos and video
  • Increased battery performance which will give the user up to 40% more air time
  • The ability to create videos in 720p high-definition video
  • An application that allows the user to splice and edit video clips directly on the phone
  • 960 x 640 screen resolution

Bringing Video Calling to the World – FaceTime

A lot of the features announced are substantial improvements over the 3GS model including screen resolution, longer battery life, and size, but what may be the phone’s biggest appealing feature is tied to that new, second camera on the front of the phone. The ability to see who you call easily and clearly has been on pipe dream for users of most mobile devices until now. Apple calls this iPhone 4 video calling feature “FaceTime”.  FaceTime to reassert iPhone as must-have device was the headline on the Financial Post website.

The ability to do video calling without having to use an add-on is a marketing dream.    It allows Apple to sell this new phone to people who are not necessarily interested in all of the iPhone applications that are out there.  Grandmothers will love seeing their grandkids when they call.  A friend who wants to see what an old classmate really looks like after twenty five years and anyone else will be drawn to this new feature.

With a basic cost of $199 the Apple iPhone 4 just may, according to Apple, “change the way we communicate forever.” So has anyone already gone out and pre-ordered one today?

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Matteo, NYC June 16, 2010 at 1:32 pm

Sorry no, no more Steve Job lies, tricks and last minute hidden agendas. No Flash even in translated iPhone native code? How silly, all the creative people that use Adobe’s products to create all those neat iPhone apps; how quickly Steve forgets the creative people that support his devices. We will see how Google, Adobe and others with their new mega-smart-phones make the iPhone look like it was developed for kids only. Leaders will be leading on the Google/Flash camp while followers will follow a dictatorship. Not me , I’m sorry; I want the freedom of choice and as an iPhone owner I am trapped into my 2 year contract. As a Flash developer I will need a lot more then fancy technology from Steve to use any of his devices in the future. BTW: HTML 5 and Flash get along just fine – don’t drink Steve’s cool aid. 🙂

Anya Jennings June 16, 2010 at 2:04 pm


I love all gadgets, but yes, I’m an Apple fan! Everyone else in the office loves their Androids. I’m the only one with an iPhone and I don’t think the iPhone 4 is going to change that. I do still believe thought that some of the new features will have quite an appeal to some new iPhone purchasers. I’m curious of the 600,000 pre-orders yesterday, how many of them were previous iPhone owners, and how many were brand new to the device.

Thanks for commenting.

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