BYOD Lessons from China

by Modis on September 25, 2012

For the Chinese, having the very latest smartphone is like a fashion statement. Last year’s iPhone 4S may be completely passé by the time the iPhone 5 is released later this year.  The point here is that the smartphone landscape changes frequently and most Chinese BYOD policies accept the fluctuation.

According to Stanley Li, CEO of San Francisco-based Netswitch who was quoted recently in “BYOD: What we can learn from China” on, the Chinese often buy new phones every year and don’t want to carry around an outdated corporate phone. So Chinese firms are more open to incorporating new devices into their policies.

But where the Chinese are leading is in educating employees on the security issues around BYOD policies. Many companies produce short videos or animation to explain the issues and their policies to employees. US companies tend to have multipage policies that employees are asked to read and accept.  Most employees simply sign the documents to get immediate access for their.  But failure to read and understand the employer’s BYOD policy could negatively impact privacy rights.

BYOD is here to stay and employees and employers need to work together to allow flexibility and to protect sensitive data. It’s about fully understanding what’s required and that takes effort on both sides.  Employers need to create informative tools to explain their positions on BYOD and employees need to take the time to review and understand the policies. The security of both depends on it.

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