The 10 best apps of the summer

by Modis on September 12, 2013

Some of you may be wondering…

“Modis, why did you bother asking us about our favorite apps during your Wind Down Geek Up Labor Day contest?”

Well fellow geeks, we have an answer for you! We wanted to hear from the best of the best (you) to compile a list of the 10 best apps of the summer, and geeks, you definitely delivered! There were so many excellent apps, and so many great reviews for each of them, that it was hard to pick just 10. After careful consideration (and a little trimming) we finally have them, and we’re excited to share them with all of you.

So without further ado, may we present…

The 10 best apps of the summer:

Untappd - One of the 10 best apps of the summer10. Untappd

That’s no typo! Untappd is the app that helps its users drink socially. The app can discover local bars & beers for you, shares your beer reviews and photos with friends & will even personalize beer selections to help you find new favorites. There’s no doubt that this app is a fun one for summer – as long as you’re of age, of course.

This app was suggested to us by our Facebook fan, Rob P. He writes:
“Untappd helps me find new beers to enjoy based on friends’ recommendations.”

Lightsaber Unleashed - one of our top ten best apps of the summer9. Lightsaber Unleashed

For all of our Star Wars enthusiasts, there is the Lightsaber Unleashed app, allowing you to hold the power of the all-mighty lightsaber. You can swing your phone around as if you were holding one, whether dueling with friends or practicing your best moves [Han] Solo. This app allows you to customize your lightsaber and character, and save this setting for future play. Although Lightsaber Unleashed is for iPhones only, there are similar apps out there for other devices – like StarWars Lightsaber on Google Play.

This app was suggested to us by our Facebook fan, Jim K. He writes:
“The LightSaber app has come in handy when dueling with my nephews.”

Night Sky - One of our top ten best apps of the summer8. Night Sky

Are you an avid star gazer, space cadet and/or lover of all things time and space (Doctor Who, anyone)? This is the app for you. Night Sky enables users to identify different stars, constellations, planets, galaxies and satellites seen above our heads. Even if it’s a cloudy night, this app will know what’s hiding behind the clouds based on your location data (using your GPS & compass). The makers of this app also have Night Sky 2, and a free version, Night Sky Lite, for those who don’t want to fork over the 99¢.

This app was suggested to us by our Facebook fan, Cynthia A. She writes:
“Night Sky is great for looking at the stars and learning more about them.”

Last Message - one of our top ten best apps of the summer7. Last Message

Has your phone been on the verge of death while in the middle of a very important text conversation or Facebook chat? “That darn battery! If only there was some way to let everyone I’m talking to right now know that my phone is about to die.” …Well now you do, and it’s called Last Message. Last Message allows a user to set up a custom message to be sent to contacts they pre-select on Twitter, Email, SMS and Facebook to warn them that you may be out of pocket until you can reach a phone charger. This message will be sent out once you reach a certain battery percentage – say, for example, 5% battery life. Unfortunately for iPhone users, this is only available on Google Play.

This app was suggested to us by our Facebook fan, Michael B. He writes:
“It’s called LAST MESSAGE: An app that is way overdue and has saved me a few times over the last 2-3 months. Your phone battery is going down. There is barely any juice left and you don’t think it will last more than a text or two. If this scenario has happened to you more than you’d wish, Last Message is a must download. The Android app will text, email, Facebook message, or tweet the friends and family you select to alert them when your phone is about to die.”

Veetle - one of our top ten best apps of the summer6. Veetle

Picture this: Your best friend is stuck home with the flu and had to miss the chance to go with you and your friends to see her favorite band in concert. Well now, your best friend no longer has to miss a moment. With the Veetle app, you can allow others to watch live video on their devices as you record on yours. It allows for real-time viewing and the opportunity to share your videos on social media – you can even Tweet during the action. Veetle is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, so no one has to miss out on once-in-a-lifetime happenings.

This app was suggested to us by our Facebook fan, Kelly H. She writes:
“Veetle is awesome as it allows me to stream my kids sports to Facebook so that Grandparents can watch the game.”

Out of Milk is one of our ten best apps of the summer5. Out of Milk

If you’re a parent that is always on the go – from summer camp, to baseball practice & then to the store – then you’ll appreciate this app. Out of Milk is designed to keep you from forgetting your shopping list. You can create, share and manage your grocery lists from your device or online, allowing your entire family to have access to add to it. It also allows you to keep a pantry list – so you know what you have on-hand already. This app is highly rated, and available on both the iTunes App Store & Google Play.

This app was suggested to us by two Facebook fans – Matthew W. and Cindy M.

Matthew writes“Out of Milk keeps my shopping lists and to do lists organized and synced across devices, including my wife’s phone. So when one of us stops at the store on the way home from work, we get everything we need in one trip.”
Cindy writes: “Out Of Milk helps keep me organized during the these busy summer months.”

Grill Guide is one of our top ten apps of the summer4. Grill Guide

For the grill master in all of us, there is Grill Guide. The grill guide helps measure the time you need to cook based on the size (with their built-in “meat ruler” feature), cut and temperature of your meat. It also helps pair it with other foods – featuring 7 food groups – and will offer walk-through grill tips; a great feature for people whose inner desire to be the grill master does not match their outward failed attempts at grilling their steak. Grill Guide is available for both iPhones & Androids, for optimum worldwide grilling success.

This app was suggested to us by our Facebook fan, Mike B. He writes:
“Grill Guide is a great summer app, as it gives you ideas on how to grill just about anything under the sun. Great App for spur of the moment grilling recipes and other summertime meal selections. Awesome Shishkabob recipes.”

Zombies, Run! is one of our top ten best apps of the summer3. Zombies, Run!

Many have been preparing and stocking up for the zombie apocalypse, but have they been training? It’s important to not only stock up, but also shape up and be quick on your feet. Zombies, Run! is an epic adventure gaming app that will stage the scene for you. While you run, Abel Township is paging you on the radio to “gather supplies” or outrun detected zombies in your area. This guide serves as your trainer, pushing you that extra mile to get you back into safety. When you’re done, you can check back in on your computer to distribute supplies and build up Abel Township – one of the last outposts of humanity. Zombies, Run! is available on Apple and Android devices.

This app was suggested to us by our Facebook fan, Jon L. He writes:
“Zombies, Run! gets me in my sneakers and on the road in the morning instead of vegging in front of a computer game.”

GasBuddy is one of our top ten best apps of the summer2. GasBuddy

Summer is for vacations, traveling and road trips. Unfortunately, with road trips comes somewhat frequent stops to fill up at the gas station. GasBuddy allows you to find the cheapest gas on the go, wherever you happen to be. You can also help by reporting gas prices you see in your travels. By doing so, you earn points, which go toward a GasBuddy prize giveaway. This data is all generated by its users, so the more people that use and report prices, the merrier! GasBuddy is available for Apple, Android, BlackBerry & Windows devices.

This app was suggested to us by a few of our Facebook fans – all sharing the same love & appreciation for GasBuddy!

Flora Y. writes: “Gas Buddy helps me find cheap gas, as I’m always driving.”
JoAnn P. writes: “I like the GasBuddy app to help me enjoy saving money!”
Shane W. writes: “GasBuddy lets me find the best gas prices when I am on a road trip.”
Diane H. writes: “GasBuddy finds the cheapest gas in my area.”
Christine T. writes: “GasBuddy! When I travel it helps me get the best price!”

And finally, the TOP app of the summer… (drumroll please!)

RunPee is one of our ten top apps of the summer1. RunPee

Of course, you’ve been waiting to see this awesome blockbuster movie for months, and now that the movie is on, you’re comfortably seated and are snacking away on your popcorn and large soda… it starts. That tingling urge to pee. What will you do? You don’t want to miss any important parts to this movie, but you don’t want your bladder to explode either. Enter RunPee, the app designed to save the day. RunPee will tell you when there’s a lull in the movie so you can relieve yourself. The app even offers a quick synopsis of what you missed. RunPee is available on Apple, Android & Windows devices.

This app was suggested to us by our Facebook fan Michael M. He writes:
“Run-Pee is essential for the movie goer. It tells you when you can go to the bathroom and also tells you if there’s something after the credits. Invaluable!!”

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