#MoreWithModis Winners Share Words of Wisdom

by Modis on June 8, 2017

You may remember the #MoreWithModis program we introduced earlier this year. We’re proud to announce the full list of #MoreWithModis achievers from the first quarter of 2017! We’ve also asked these top performers to share their best words of wisdom. Congratulations on your achievement!

#MoreWithModis Achievers


Austin Lear
Beverly Simpson
Brett Gravitt
Brian Rogic
Chrissie Thrash
Clayton Knisley
Douglas Long
Faith Hoskins
Jeffrey Vreeland
Jenn Bowers
Joshua Roiger
Kat Agpaoa
Kelli Schmitt
Kelly Spencer
Kimberly Gregory
Kristin Frenak
Mark Machacek
Matt Closs
Maureen Roberts
Meredith Reyers
Michelle Tutt
MyTrinh Yu
Nick Rubino
Randall Sieg
Rich Schmeiss
Roger Cummings
Ryan Palmer
Thomas Wirfs II
Timothy Cron
Timothy Martin
Tory Waltrip
Valerie Clement
Will Thompson


Amber Wissler
Ashley Gruver
Beth Taylor
Brenda Golden-Mitchell
Casey Leavitt
David Posa
Dennis Laczko
Desseret Funderburk
Dustin Jarvis
James Cullen
Jamie Jenkins
Jason Epstein
Jerry Cavagnaro
Jonathan Stocks
Joshua Popejoy
Kathleen Yeomans
Kevin Martin
Kimberly Jewett
Lindsay Smith
Lisa Stewart
Mark Steenstra
Megan Manning
Pat Dunnigan
Sue Duenkel
Timothy Randall
William Whitlock


Adam Lunger
Amber Helmuth
Anna Rozenberg
Biljana Damjanovic-Zoric
Carol Ann Kenyon
Carol Heard
Christopher Duffield
Chuck Bing
Clifton Culberson
Daniel Furlong
Darren McCloud
Dean Droelle
Deborah Bowles
Deborah Taylor
Dylann Gould-Bowring
Eric Wilson
Faulkner Griffin
Gabriela Sagahon
Heather Thompson
Jason Canzoni
Jeffrey Zaya
Jenna Duncan
Jerry Eberly
Justin Reich
Kathy Becher
Kori Tidwell
Lauren Fields
Leetha Morehead
Louis Gideon
Marcia Custodio
Marilyn Sullivan
Meghan McCreary
Michael Kerrigan
Monika Daga
Nancy Sarvis
Nicholas Lira
Renee Carolin
Roderick Grays
Rose Williams
Ryan Gasaway
Samuel Mann
Scott Shuman
Shawn Sawyer
Stacey Johnson
Stephanie King
Stevie Anderson
Sukanya Chidambara
Sunetra Sen
Tyler Gayheart


Adam Teets
Anne Black
Aubriana Hall
Binh Phi
BreAnn Wheatley
Carissa Kraus
Catherine Vu
Chelsea Lemley
Christine Scolforo
Cole Ehrsam
Deborah Douglas
Eric Rieves
Evelyn LaLonde
Guillaume Meli
Hannie Mosselmani
Hunter Carroll
Jeremy Murdy
Jonathan Rick
Jonathon Blauvelt
Jordan Schott
Justin Jurgensen
Katherine Halpern
Kita Hudson
Kristen Hazen
Lauren Fini
Lucy Pylant
Marcus Borelli
Mark Dillaberry
Matthew Davis
Michael Booth
Michael Eisel
Miguel Torres
Mitchell Burton
Paul Schauwitzer
Reshmi Raveendran
Shane Kurza
Spencer Fraser
Stephanie Vice
Trevor Roeger
Virginia Warren

Words of Wisdom

These achievers set the bar high for themselves and are an example to others within our organization. We asked them to share the best advice they’ve ever been given. Here are some of their responses!

Initial meetings should not be as much about closing a sale, but gathering good information and finding a connection with your prospect.  Come prepared with questions from your research, listen, find their pain points, and get to know the person in front of you.  If they feel that you are engaged, it’s easy to book the follow up meeting before you leave the room.
Michelle Tutt, Dallas Technical, #MoreWithModis Blue Level Achiever

I know this sounds simple, but I was told by a mentor to “Follow your gut instinct.” For myself, this typically applies to candidates I interview. I have found that when I don’t [follow my gut instinct], I always regret it!
Kim Gregory, Idaho Technical, #MoreWithModis Blue Level Achiever

Always act with integrity. You’ll have a lot more success in the long-term by gaining the respect and trust of your colleagues, clients and candidates.
Valerie Clement, Idaho Technical, #MoreWithModis Blue Level Achiever

Querer es poder! Translation: Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
Marcia Custodio, San Antonio, #MoreWithModis Silver Level Achiever

When I was just getting my Recruiting career started, I had an interview with the then Regional Vice President. Once all was said and done, she told me that as long as I had Passion for what I did that everything else would fall in place. She was right!
Virginia Warren, Ottawa, #MoreWithModis Bronze Level Achiever

Only worry about the things you can control and let go of all the rest!
Stephanie Vice, Chattanooga, #MoreWithModis Bronze Level Achiever

Embrace failure – pick something and make it great! The sky’s the limit, don’t let anyone hold you back.
Christine Scolforo, Orlando, #MoreWithModis Bronze Level Achiever

There is only one person who controls your career path – you.
Richard Schmeiss, Philadelphia, #MoreWithModis Blue Level Achiever

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