When the Discovery space shuttle lifted-off on April 24, 1990, its payload included what has turned out to be an amazing time machine: the Hubble Space Telescope. Thanks to the Hubble telescope, humans are able to peer back billions of years in time.

Hubble, which is about the size of a large school bus, has helped scientists estimate the age of the known universe, and test the laws of physics. The light arriving at Earth from the farthest objects in the cosmos provides a view of the early universe. The deeper Hubble “sees” into space, the further back in time it goes. Here are four important ways Hubble has helped scientists. [click to continue…]


Fastest Growing Tech Jobs by 2026

by Modis on April 24, 2018

The latest occupation projections are here! Tech jobs dominated the overall growth landscape, representing 20% of the fastest growing occupations identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The two occupations at the top of the list (Solar Photovoltaic Installers and Wind Turbine Service Technicians) show anticipation for growth in alternate energy, while the inclusion of Information Security Analysts indicates that security will continue to be top of mind for businesses and consumers alike as security breaches continue to make headlines. [click to continue…]


6 Steps for a Successful Gap Assessment

by Modis on April 18, 2018

medical device remediation gap assessment in progressA medical device remediation can be cumbersome to implement. When you’re up against a tight deadline like the EUMDR, it becomes an even bigger weight on your shoulders. You need an approach that is comprehensive, but also efficient. Impactful, but quick. Where do you start? A gap assessment.

A gap assessment is your roadmap to resolution. It outlines the steps you need to complete to be compliant and identifies the talent you need to do it, all while prioritizing tasks and building a timeline. Here’s a high-level overview to get things going.

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How Does an Online Transaction Work?

by Modis on April 17, 2018

Maybe you’re a fan of technology and always wondered about the process behind online transactions (or exactly what the associated fees pay for), or maybe you’re skeptical of the “invisible pipes” that carry our money. Either way, you’ve most certainly used them.

Alex Bloomberg and David Kestenbaum of NPR’s Planet Money reported on the basics of online transactions back in 2013 when they became curious why the process took so long.

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8 Arduino Projects to Do This Weekend

by Modis on April 12, 2018

Who doesn’t love building things? Take those tech and engineering skills and create something amazing this weekend with one of these Arduino projects. You’ll hone your coding skills and make something useful – it’s a win/win! [click to continue…]


STEM and the Jobs of the “New Collar Economy”

by Brian Van Aken on April 10, 2018

new collar economy stem workersAttending the US News and World Report’s Workforce of Tomorrow annual conference has introduced a new sense of the importance of STEM education to me and the thousands of attendees at this year’s event. The conference was aptly labeled the “Workforce of Tomorrow” conference and brought educators, interest groups and major companies together to discuss the STEM global talent shortage.

On April 5, right in the middle of the conference, I had the privilege of hosting a roundtable to discuss what STEM decision makers think about the future of their industries. Surrounded by two tables of highly acclaimed attendees, the issue at the forefront of their minds became obvious: they think that there’s a major disconnect within our current education system. Amid conversations about the factors contributing to this issue, I noticed a few trends that seemed to arise:

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