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by Modis on November 10, 2014

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Members of our U.S. military sacrifice a lot in their service to this country. The work they do both at home and abroad is crucial to our country’s safety and freedom. When our service men and women return from active duty, transitioning back into a normal, everyday civilian routine can be a real challenge. They need good jobs, stability and engaging ways to put their specialized skills to good use outside of the military.

Given their high level of tech training and information management experience, it should be no surprise that many military veterans are good fits for certain IT jobs.

Veteran Skills for IT

Military in ITComputers and technology are omnipresent throughout many U.S. military operations, and many military branches place a strong emphasis on tech training. From programmers and system operators to analysts and other specialists, there are many IT roles in which veterans have experience. In fact, more than 90 percent of U.S. active duty military personnel use computers on a regular basis in the office and the field, and 40 percent of U.S. military personnel have duty assignments that involve a high level of information resource management. Of course, their tech-centric nature isn’t the only perk of hiring a veteran.

Strong work ethic, tremendous discipline and laser focus are all excellent qualities you’ll find in veterans. As highly trained individuals, they’re used to working hard, pushing through obstacles and following through to get the job done. Many who’ve worked their way up the ranks also show natural leadership abilities and a strong team player attitude, which can be invaluable in IT departments.

100,000 Jobs Mission

The 100,000 Jobs Mission is a coalition of companies—including Modis—that have banded together in an ongoing campaign to create jobs for veterans. The organization serves as a center for both veterans seeking jobs, as well as employers looking to hire members of our armed forces. With tips for hiring practices and employer resources, it’s an invaluable resource for organizations of all sizes.

The Military and Modis

At Modis, we’re proud to support our troops and returning veterans.

If your company is seeking fresh candidates to fill IT positions, and you think veterans may be the right fit, contact us today.

If you’re a veteran with an IT background looking for a new gig, check out the broad range of positions we have available that might be perfectly suited to your skills and interests!


October Unemployment Rate

The month of October brought 214,000 new jobs as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday. The October Jobs Report also showed a continued reduction in unemployment rate which now sits at 5.8% – a 0.1% reduction from September and a 0.8% reduction since the beginning of the year. Additionally in the report, the number of unemployed persons has declined by 1.2 million in 2014.

Top Tech Jobs 2015The U6 – the BLS’s broadest measure of unemployment – reached its lowest point in 6 years in October and is now at 11.5%. Furthermore, more improvement in employment was see as the Labor Force Participation Rate increased to 62.8%.

August and September also saw revisions from their original report. August originally reported 142,000 new jobs and was revised up to 180,000 in the September report. This report provided a further increase for August to 203,000. September’s initial 248,000 jobs was revised up to 256,000. These revisions account for a combined 31,000 more new jobs than previously reported in September.

The Tech Aspect of October’s Jobs Report

Over the past 12 months, Employment in professional and business services (the sector that includes IT) has averaged 56,000 new jobs per month. Of the 37,000 new jobs reported in the sector, 10,800 can be attributed to IT and tech employment. Computer systems design and related services accounted for 6,800 of the positions while Management and technical consulting services created 4,000 new jobs.

Tech Jobs on the Rise

For 2015 and beyond, more increases are expected in the tech sector. Modis President Jack Cullen recently discussed the predicted increases in IT security, mobile and big data with PC World. Our latest infographic has a forward-thinking view at the positions with the largest predicted growth over the next few years. View it here.


Code School GiveawayFor the final installment of our live question question and answer series with Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech TipsCode School‘s Carlos Souza discussed how he started coding during college, the benefits disconnecting from the tech world, the relationship between music and programming as well as his involvement in the coding community. Watch it here:

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Bringing Opportunities to Women in Tech

by Modis on October 31, 2014

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Throughout 2014, the role of women in the IT workforce has been a hot topic. With funding from tech giants and the emergence of support from groups like Women 2.0 and Girls Who Code, the year has been pivotal. Despite these changes, many believe the ‘brogrammer’ reputation in Silicon Valley and the tech world is discouraging female talent. As a result, women remain a minority, but there’s plenty of evidence to support a substantial increase in women interested in IT careers. Many are eager to establish themselves in the field, which is gradually creating more competition and a larger talent base for employers seeking tech talent. Here’s some of the ways the industry is bringing opportunities to women in tech:

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With Halloween this Friday, we’re in the pumpkin carving spirit at Modis! After browsing the internet for some inspiration, we’re astounded at the creativity and skill involved with some of these pumpkin designs. We started out by pinning some great examples on our Pinterest board, narrowed down 6 of our favorite geeky jack-o’-lanterns and even created carving templates of our own:

The Modis-o’Lantern

Rockin’ Robotkin

The Pumpktris

This throwback jack-o’-lantern looks pretty simple at first glance, but it’s fully playable and quite intricate with 125 embedded LED lights.

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Top IT Schools and Tech Education Options

by Modis on October 24, 2014


Over the past several years, there’s been a dramatic rise in online tech education. With the increased availability of online learning resources, a movement to make computer science and coding affordable has also occurred. Startup companies, traditional universities and nonprofits alike are now offering free online courses as a non-conventional way to educate the tech workforce. These online courses are an effective way to earn the tech skills needed to build a portfolio, earn a degree or just learn for the sake of education, but they often fill up quickly due to popular demand. For those that prefer a more conventional learning environment, there are still many traditional universities offering comprehensive tech educations. Here are five top IT schools and tech education options from both sides of the spectrum that we believe are worth noting:

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