The Risks of Outsourcing

by Modis on June 17, 2014

The once popular trend of outsourcing appears to be coming to an end. Demand for IT outsourcing in India has already leveled off because most of what can be moved offshore already has according to The Economist. More and more businesses are beginning to look inward for their IT needs, and as a result, IT department expansion continues to be a growing trend worldwide. There are numerous potential disadvantages that businesses are beginning to consider as risks of outsourcing.

Risks of OutsourcingRisk of Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT functions, especially when the work is sent offshore, may carry business risk.

The risks include:
• Projects take too long
• Rising or hidden costs
• Loss of control of data security and disaster recovery
• No control over how services are delivered
• Lack of service quality or expertise
• Some IT functions not easily outsourced
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5 Ways to Improve Your IT Soft Skills

by Dave Nixon on June 11, 2014

Today, we’re joined again by guest blogger Dave Nixon for part two of his series on the importance of IT soft skills for consultants. As the Managing Director of our Cincinnati branch, he works with his team to help both clients and candidates make exceptional connections. His years of experience in recruiting and sales allows him to provide invaluable for job seekers and employees at all stages of their careers. 

Improving IT Soft SkillsLast week, we discussed what soft skills are and the benefits to having strong soft skills even in the IT sector. In our highly technical world, soft skills are often neglected and much less nurtured as part of a professional development.

Stop and think for a minute: do you know someone who you consider to be great at their job? Chances are, that person has been successful at their jobs from the very beginning of their careers – and not because they knew everything “technically.” Very few, if any, were simply successful because they were great at only the technical aspects…they had the right personality and attitude to achieve something more. They got things done. They attracted people. They got people on their side.

In many aspects, it is actually harder to train attitude and aptitude and is easier to train the technical aspects to our roles. Many soft skills and the comfort we have with them are instilled in us from a very early age, so changing those core characteristics can be difficult…but it can be done!

5 Ways to Improve Your Soft Skills

  • Fit In – learn some things to connect with about someone else’s life/role/hobbies/dreams and join in; you may find a new hobby or a new interest…and a new friend.
  • Be Fluid – Weave yourself into conversations as your comfort level increases; develop some insights and opinion, and then relate to stories, be empathetic, and genuinely care about others. But empathy must be SHOWN. Not felt.
  • Practice – A mirror will show you how you are perceived by others; consider taking a class on public speaking or join a club like Toastmasters, or get involved in Networking Groups (go alone), etc.
  • Be Positive – Stay out of negative or drama or “political” situations around the office.
  • Push Your Own Boundaries – Put yourself into situations of “uncomfortable tension”; offer yourself up for new opportunities, i.e. do a presentation, chair a committee, get on a panel, etc.

It Starts with You

With some time and energy, you too can improve your soft skills, and yield the benefits that come along with being a “well-rounded” consultant. If you’re looking for the opportunity to show off your skills, both technical and soft, your next opportunity might be waiting in one of our many open positions. Search today.


IT Job Trends Whiteboard Video

by Modis on June 10, 2014

The world of IT is constantly evolving, and experts are predicting a 22% increase in the IT sector by 2020. Over the next six years, the IT jobs forecast predicts four specific sectors to be the focus of growth: Mobile Strategy and Application, Data Analytics, Security, and Health IT. Staying aware of IT job trends, knowing what’s fueling the growth and understanding how to leverage these verticals in your organization is essential to success.

With that in mind, Modis Vice President Chad Moyer discusses in-depth the driving factors within these sectors and their in-demand positions as well as the skillsets needed for each in our newest whiteboard video.
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Signs of Economic Momentum in May Jobs Report

by Devon Stiles on June 6, 2014

March 2014 National Jobs Report Modis

With the addition of 217,000 new jobs in May, signs are pointing to a gain in economic momentum despite a slow start to the year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report released on Friday, total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 217,000 in May, which is slightly more than the average monthly gain over the past six months and above the 215,000 that experts predicted. The unemployment rate remained unchanged from April at 6.3 percent.

So far in 2014, the unemployment rate has declined by 1.2 percent and the number of unemployed persons has declined by 1.9 million. Furthermore, the number of long-term unemployed has declined by 979,000 over the past year.

Focus on IT Employment Stats for May

The report indicated that 2.975 million people were employed in the IT field in May and gained 13,400 new jobs for the month (slightly down from April’s 13,900 new jobs). The sector that includes IT, Professional and Business Services, added 55,000 jobs in May, the same as its average monthly job gain over the prior 12 months.

To break down the new jobs created in IT, 6,600 were specific to Computer Systems Design and Related Services, while 6,800 were Management and Technical Consulting Services.

Forbes recently released their “Best Cities for Tech Jobs” report that details the established leaders in tech employment as well as new hot spots throughout the country. The report proves how these cities are vital to the continued growth of the IT industry.

The Competitive IT Hiring Space

Month over month, the IT sector is showing steady job growth. As competition in the hiring marketplace heats up, companies have to look beyond titles, salaries and job descriptions in order to lure highly skilled IT professionals. Having the right approach is key to scoring top IT talent, and the IT Insights section of our website is filled with trends, strategies, and knowledge to make exceptional connections.


The Tech Behind Geekstakes Giveaways

by Modis on May 30, 2014

As Geekstakes 2014 enters its second half, we wanted to spotlight some of the cutting-edge tech products and trends that will excite the “inner-geek” in everyone. Our giveaway items were specifically chosen by Linus Sebastian for having both practical uses for day-to-day activities as well as high entertainment value for leisure time. You can enter our Geekstakes Giveaways here.

Pebble leads the Smart Watch Charge

Geekstakes Pebble Smart Watch GiveawaySmart glasses and smart watches are perhaps two of the most exciting developments in recent years. Having a fully functioning smartphone built into your glasses and your wristwatch is a pretty enticing merger of clothing and tech. The Pebble Smart Watch is the most innovative wristwatch available today. Never before has a user had such an abundance of information and accessories available on his or her wrist. The Pebble receives texts, has countless apps available for download, a battery life that lasts 5-7 days, and a sleek, customizable design. This Pebble Smart Watch has so much more to tell than simply the time.

Virtual Boy Grown Up: Oculus Rift

The world of gaming has also undergone some very unique and compelling tech advances in recent years. Virtual reality, the concept of complete immersion into a digital universe through a special headset, has been the white whale of gaming and digital technology ever since Geekstakes Oculus Rift GiveawayNintendo marketed its Virtual Boy gaming system in 1995. Now, in 2014, it seems that truly realistic virtual reality is about to break through into the mainstream and become, well, a reality. The current front-runner in the race to bring VR to your home is the Rift headset from Oculus, a VR company recently acquired by Facebook. The Rift allows gamers to fully immerse themselves in their favorites games and virtual worlds. With its 3D, wide field of view and comfortable fit, the Oculus Rift offers users the best interactive gaming experience they can ask for.

Take to the Skies with a Drone

Gaming not your style? Not a problem, there are numerous other gadgets available on the market today that will satisfy consumers looking for the latest in tech advances. For example: drones. They’re not just for law enforcement, National Geographic photographers, and the military. Drones are also a fantastically cool new gadget to have in your garage. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 takes remote controlled flight to brand new heights. This quadricopter utilizes the control of your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch to fly and record its flight, allowing users to capture and share their unique and exciting videos.

Lytro CameraLytro’s Light Field Advantage

Consumers who want to up their photography game are looking at newfangled cameras like the Lytro Field camera, designed to take photos with infinite focus, so you can decide later exactly where you want the focus of each image to be. Lytro Illum is the first high-end camera to utilize the power of light field, which allows users to explore their pictures from different perspectives, focal points and dimensions. By the ways they look at technology, Lytro and its light field camera are allowing users a new perspective the way they look at the world.

Geeking Out Over These Gadgets?

There’s still time to enter Geekstakes 2014 for the chance to win some of these cutting edge tech gadgets. Contest ends June 6th, so head over to our Facebook page to enter daily for your chance to win!

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4 Drivers Behind IT Department Expansion

by Modis on May 27, 2014

growth in IT departmentsIt’s easy to see that the environment surrounding IT departments is rapidly changing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in IT fields is expected to increase 22 percent over the next six years. After years of layoffs and downsizing, this may come as a surprise to many. Yet, those in the know haven’t been taken by surprise because they’re aware of driving factors behind this trend of IT department expansion. Here’s a look at four of the most important reasons why the IT landscape is evolving:

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