Networking Success Stories

by Modis on July 31, 2014

Success from NetworkingAs part of our series on Networking, we asked you to share your networking success stories on our Facebook wall for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card. While there were many great ones, several stuck from the crowd as testimonials to the power of networking.

Our Favorite Networking Success Stories

Rita W’s story:

5 years ago some of my co-workers were laid off but we promised to stay in touch. Several times a year we have dinner. This February I was laid off after 30 years with my company. Most of them are contracting and gave me their recruiting company name and encouraged me to contact their recruiters and send them my résumé. One of them paid off and by the following month I had a position and then as that contract was coming to an end another one provided a reference and I now have my dream job working at home. I find that some people are embarrassed to say they are looking for a job but others can’t help if they do not know! Network, network, network.

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Enhance Your Employee Engagement Strategy

by Modis on July 29, 2014

Strategies for Employee EngagementIn today’s IT marketplace, attracting top talent is highly competitive and constantly changing. Once talent has been employed, maintaining and retaining those key employees is essential to departmental success, and even presents challenges of its own.

Our new white paper, “What Startups Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement,” examines how tech startups have changed the landscape of workplace culture and what businesses of all sizes can apply to their employee engagement strategy.

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

To begin to understand the importance of employee engagement, one must first be able to distinguish between engaged and unengaged employees. For starters, engaged employees are those who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work. Conversely, unengaged employees are emotionally disconnected from their companies and may actually be working against their employers’ interests.

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How to Leverage Your Network Successfully

by Modis on July 28, 2014

Leveraging Networking skillsUnderstanding the value of networking and taking the first important steps towards establishing and growing your pool of professional contacts within the IT word is crucial, but what comes next? What do you do after you’ve just attended a successful networking event or made a key new contact that you hope to foster a professional relationship with?

In this final installment in our three-part series on networking in the IT industry, we’ll tackle how to leverage your network to maximize it’s potential value after you’ve made first contact.

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5 Things We Love from Comic-Con 2014

by Devon Stiles on July 28, 2014

Every year, Comic-Con bestows a plethora of the coolest, geekiest stuff on the block. Whether it’s the latest trailers, the most interesting panels, or even hilarious tweets, Comic-Con never fails to deliver. After pouring over the wealth of information from this year’s conference, we’ve compiled 5 things we loved from Comic-Con 2014.

1) The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

2) The Avengers Reassembled

3) Firefly Online

Read more about it here.

4) Daniel Radcliffe’s Spiderman Cosplay

5) Game of Thrones Lunchboxes

Game of Thrones lunchbox

See 10 more weird toys for sale at Comic-Con.

What Topped Your Comic-Con List?

Of course, there’s a million awesome things that we probably missed. What did you love at Comic-Con this year? Tell us in the comments!


March 2014 National Jobs Report Modis

While there was little change for the month, the June 2014 Regional Jobs Report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed positive trends over the past year. As we previously indicated, the National Unemployment rate has declined 1.4 percentage points from June 2013. This can be attributed to the fact that 49 states and the District of Columbia have unemployment rate decreases the past twelve months.

State Job Stats for June

In June, 22 states and the District of Columbia decreased their unemployment rate from May, while 14 states showed increases, and 14 states reported no change. The following states had the highest employment increases:

  • Florida +37,400 jobs
  • California +24,200 jobs
  • New York +22,500 jobs

On a percentage basis, the D.C., Indiana, North Dakota, and Oklahoma posted the largest over-the-month increases with 0.6%.

The positive trending of the employment situation is most apparent in the over-the-year numbers. Since June 2013, employment has increased in 47 states and the District of Columbia. The largest employment percentage increases were reported in the following states:

  • North Dakota +4.8%
  • Nevada +3.9%
  • Utah +3.5%

June’s Region-Specific Job Data

Once again, the Midwest’s 5.9% unemployment rate was the lowest and Western region had the highest unemployment rate at 6.7%. Despite being the highest, the West did report a 0.2% decrease in unemployment. For the year, the growth trends continue regionally as the following significant decreases were seen across all regions:

  • Northeast -1.5%
  • Midwest -1.4%
  • West -1.4%
  • South -1.2%

The Effect on IT Talent

As the employment numbers continue to trend upwards, top talent demands higher salaries. Bloomberg’s recently released report of Where Geeks Got the Biggest Pay Raises: Top 16 U.S. Metro Areas highlights where IT talent is earning the most. Let us help you connect with the talent you need for your organization.


How to Find Networking Events

by Modis on July 10, 2014

IT Networking EventsThe importance of connecting with colleagues and other professionals within your field can’t be overstated. Smart networking and contact building are powerful ways to expand your future career opportunities and gain a wealth of useful insights in the process. While interacting with other IT pros online through social networking sites can be great for getting the ball rolling and keeping in touch, the best interactions come from meeting and chatting with people in person. Knowing how to find networking events is an essential skill.

In this second installment in our three-part series on Networking in the IT industry, we look at some of the best ways to find local events and networking opportunities with like-minded folks in your area.

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