At Modis, we’re proud to have a dynamic group of colleagues within our company. Amanda Reinert is a Resource Development Manager in our Omaha branch, and she’s also Mrs. Nebraska 2014. Next week, she’ll be traveling to the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tuscon, Arizona, to compete for the title of Mrs . America

Mrs Nebraska Amanda ReinertAs she prepares for the big competition, she’s provided her insight on how her career as an RDM with Modis has helped her prepare and vice versa. Her tips on preparation are applicable both on the stage and in the workplace. Best of luck at Mrs. America, Amanda!

The motto that I use when preparing for the Mrs. America competition is very much the same that I use as a recruiter with Modis: Failing to plan is planning to fail. I think that this sums up both my preparations for the competition and my professional life nicely. As a recruiter, our success is based on our level of organization and being prepared-whether that is a call plan, preparing for a meeting, prepping a candidate for an interview or just planning out your goals for the day — the key to success as a Modis RDM is to be prepared.

I believe these same principles shape the way that I have gone about preparing for the biggest competition of my life. There are 3 portions of the Mrs. America pageant: Interview, Evening Gown and Swimsuit. All of them require an immense amount of focus, time, energy and preparation.

For the interview portion, I have to be prepared by brushing up on current events, know my platform organization inside and out so that I can answer any question that may be thrown my way. Topics range from politics to opinions on social issues such as divorce and how to raise children to general questions about my community service activities.

In evening gown, it’s all about being prepared to have that spotlight on me with hundreds of thousands of eyes. My gown has to be tailored to fit perfectly, and I have to practice walking in those glorious heels that will take me from 5’1” to 5’6”. I have to be confident, poised and prepared.

Last but certainly not least – the swimsuit portion. I believe the importance of preparation here goes without saying: You are in a swimsuit and heels on stage for thousands of people to see! Along with that comes hours upon hours at the gym, healthy eating and of course more practice in those heels.

The winner of Mrs. America will be given this job and opportunity for two reasons: she is the most confident in herself and who she is, and because she was the most prepared. Competing against 51 other outstanding women is all about being mentally strong, confident and above all – PREPARED!

Prepare for Your Success

Mrs. Nebraska Amanda Reinert is one of our many successful Modis colleagues. When our people do their best, we do our best to recognize them in return. Interested in a career at Modis? Learn more about us and our open positions today.


In part one of our series about tackling tough interview questions, Modis President Jack Cullen provided his insight on discussing your biggest weakness. In today’s installment, he’s shedding light on when an interviewer asks you to discuss a time you had a conflict with a co-worker.

Interviewers ask this question to gauge interpersonal skills as well as management abilities and past job performance. Mostly, they’re trying to understand how candidates react under the pressure of workplace conflict. Jack has some excellent advice on how to handle this tricky question:

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Creating a Culture of Accountability

by Modis on August 19, 2014

Increasing Employee Engagement StrategyRegardless of the size of your workforce, it’s essential that employees are performing at their peak to ensure success. A company’s culture is one of the most significant factors in employee engagement, and engaged employees are efficient employees. A recent Gallup State of the American Workplace Study found that “Only 30 percent of the U.S. workforce is engaged in their work, and the ratio of actively disengaged to engaged employees is roughly 2-to-1, meaning that the vast majority of U.S. workers (70 percent) are not reaching their full potential.”

Engaging employees is essential to retain your top talent and their abilities with so many other businesses in hiring mode. Startups are paving the way for corporate culture, and our latest whitepaper discusses how businesses of all sizes can make for meaningful changes for maximum results. By creating a culture of accountability within their organizations, startups winning the employee engagement battle.

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2014 July Employment SituationAs reported in our monthly National Jobs Report, there was little change in the employment situation across the United States in July. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics Regional and State summary showed 30 states with unemployment rate increases from June, 8 states with decreases, and 12
states and the District of Columbia with no change. Over the year, 49 states reported an unemployment rate decrease and only one reported an increase.

Spotlight on July’s State Statistics

For the month of July, payroll increased in 36 states and D.C., while decreasing in 13 states and remaining unchanged in Iowa. The largest over-the-month
employment increases are as follows:

  • Texas +46,600 jobs
  • California +27,700 jobs
  • Michigan +17,900 jobs

Montana boasted the largest percentage increase in employment for the month with 0.7%, and Arizona, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, and Utah all had an increase of 0.5%.

Regional Employment Review

Again in July, the Midwest had the lowest regional unemployment rate at 5.9% and the West had the highest regional unemployment rate at 6.6%. The South was the only region to have a significant change from June with an employment rate decrease of 0.1%. Again this month, all four regions posted over-the-year employment rate decreases:

  • Northeast -1.5%
  • West -1.5%
  • Midwest -1.4%
  • South -1.0%

The Shifting Tech Workspace

At Modis, it’s our duty to stay ahead of the trends in IT employment. One of the strongest trends we’ve noticed is the increasing influence of Startups in tech and across the globe. Our infographic “Why Startups Are Going to Change the World” details their dynamic impact. View it here.


Auto Technology Worth Paying For

by Ryan Davis on August 15, 2014

Auto TechnologyIn a world obsessed with technology, an automaker touting an in-car CD deck is about as relevant as last week’s news. That’s because today’s tech-savvy breed of car buyer has grown up with digital music, touch screens, hands-free audio, social media and smart technology. What’s more, they expect nothing less than to slide behind the wheel of a vehicle with these advances seamlessly integrated into its cabin.

Recognizing the demand for enhanced auto technology, major automakers have started developing innovations that would even make the most discerning “techie” feel at home in their ride. But, with offerings flooding the market from nearly every automaker, what technologies are worth dropping some coin on? Safety and performance technology aside, let’s take a look at the top 3 auto technologies worth paying for:

1) Infotainment System

Many of today’s automakers are fitting their vehicles with available touch-screen infotainment systems aimed at enriching the overall driving experience. These systems essentially allow drivers to stay connected at all times, while ensuring that their eyes stay on the road. A quality infotainment system allows access to integrated smartphone apps, music, social media, phone contacts, text messages and more via voice or simple touchscreen commands. Systems with advanced voice-recognition software, such as Ford’s MyFord Touch, allow drivers to make and receive calls, listen and reply to texts, access turn-by-turn GPS navigation, play and discover music, adjust climate and more.

Some of the top infotainment systems offered today hail from automakers such as: Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Mazda and Mercedes.

Additionally, both Google and Apple are partnering with various automakers to develop systems with streamlined user interfaces and enhanced functionality. The systems, Android Auto and CarPlay respectively, will be offered as either factory-installed or aftermarket.

2) Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth, short-range radio technology that provides wireless audio and data transfer, syncs with the driver’s phone/contacts for hands-free calling capabilities and the option to stream music wirelessly. As a result of more than 14 states prohibiting all drivers from using hand-held cellphones and various others placing restrictions on usage, Bluetooth has become an industry standard and either comes pre-installed or is an available option on nearly all new vehicles. However, be aware that some manufacturers offer Bluetooth with only phone capabilities. While still convenient, without the option to stream music this option becomes a little less exciting.

3) WiFi Hot-Spot Technology

As a result of our shift toward ubiquitous computing, several automakers such as Audi, Chrysler and GM have announced plans to integrate WiFi hot-spot technology into their respective vehicle lineups. Manufacturers claim that factory-installed hot-spots offer increased signal strength and bandwidth, granting passengers continuous access to a personal mobile network. Through the use of such technology, multiple passengers are able to connect laptops and other portable WiFi enabled devices at once. Benefits for the driver include enhanced use of integrated smartphone apps, real time traffic and weather updates, uninterrupted GPS navigation and more. Chevy is currently the only automaker offering WiFi capabilities today on its 2015 Malibu and Impala models.

In addition to the advancements already mentioned, there are noteworthy technologies being developed every day. With manufacturers like Hyundai teaming with Google to enhance Google Glass application in vehicles, the industry’s push toward autonomous (driverless) cars, and new performance and safety innovations, this is an exciting time to be a “techie” interested in the automotive industry.

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From deciding what to wear to figuring out how to answer tough questions, interviewing for a job is intimidating. Presenting yourself in the best light is crucial to nailing an interview and leaving the best impression on a hiring manager or interviewer.

Modis President Jack Cullen has generously joined us to provide his insight on how to tackle the toughest interview questions that candidates often face. In the first video in our series, he’s discussing the dreaded “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Admitting weakness and explaining how you’ve acknowledged and turned that weakness into a strength excellent strategy. Here’s a few specific examples of how to tackle this tough question:

  • “Organization used to be an issue for me, but I enlisted some of my more organized co-workers for tips and advice  that really helped my organization skills.”
  • “I had difficulty with Java in my one of my previous positions, but I took some online classes to boost my skill set and increase my proficiency.”
  • “In the past I would procrastinate, and I’d find myself rushing to meet deadlines. Now I schedule my time in advance which allows me to give my projects the time and attention they deserve.”

Tackling Your Biggest Weakness

In addition to helping create exceptional connections between job seekers and employers, we also aim to help individuals reach their full potential. From insight on improving soft skills to guidance on seeking out continuing education opportunities, we have the tools to help you succeed. And when you’re ready, we can help you land that interview.