Three Innovative Ways to Recruit Developers

by Modis on October 17, 2014


Diversity in your coding workforce is a must. Beyond the different types of programming language-specific specialists you need from project to project, having developers from a wide range of backgrounds can have a positive impact on your team. If you’re eager to broaden your candidate pool and find top developer talent outside of the usual channels, here are a few alternative approaches to consider to recruit developers:

1) Programming is not just for Guys

Anyone in programming will tell you it’s a testosterone fest in the programming world, albeit an often geeky one. Let’s face it: men have dominated the tech industry for a long time. That’s changing as more women programmers enter the code-slinging realm, bringing with them big skills and fresh perspectives.

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How to Succeed as an Entry-Level Recruiter

by Modis on October 15, 2014

Entry Level RecruiterFrom the moment when you make your first placement as an entry-level recruiter to that moment 5 years later when you realize that candidate is succeeding and happy in their career, you know recruiting is an incredibly rewarding job.

In your role as a career matchmaker, it really is up to you to make dreams come true across the entire candidate spectrum — you help experienced professionals take big leaps, and you help newcomers build their lifelong trajectories.

But sometimes, being a recruiter is tough. For every successful placement, there are exponentially more rejections. As much as you want to spend hours on every single resume that comes your way, you simply can’t.

Then, there are the toughest moments of all — when you’ve realized that you were completely wrong about a candidate and that the person didn’t work out at all.

Successful recruiters have experienced both ends of the spectrum — and that’s okay. It’s important to keep learning, growing, and positioning yourself for long-term success by making the most out of every interaction in your career. Here’s how:

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Infographic: Tech Jobs on the Rise

by Modis on October 13, 2014

Top Tech Jobs 2015In North America, the tech sector is flourishing. As part of our 2015 Salary Guide for Tech Professionals, we’ve taken a deep look at the job trends for the coming years in the tech industry. As a result of that research, we’re expecting tremendous growth in the tech sector between now and 2022 as experts are projecting 18% growth in that time period – compared to just 10.8% for all other industries.

Equipped with that information, we utilized forward thinking BLS stats and considered long-term demand to create our Tech Jobs on the Rise infographic which details our findings and features the jobs with the largest growth in key markets throughout North America.

Top IT Jobs

Navigation for the Complex Tech Market

With the constant evolution of the IT industry, the roles and salaries of tech professionals are also constantly changing. Certain positions are seeing very high demand and growth, and our latest infographic is an invaluable tool for employers and employees alike to understand the job market outlook and the fields worthy of investment as well as potential worth. Which positions and salaries are seeing the most growth? View our infographic now >>.


Code School Giveaway

In case you missed it, Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips sat down with Code School founder, Gregg Pollack, for a live question and answer session regarding his career path and what advice he has for up-and-coming programmers in today’s competitive environment. This insightful discussion covered questions ranging from Gregg’s passion for Ruby on Rails and freelancing to the future of coding and trends within the development world.

With a philosophy of learning by doing, Code School is an online learning resource for coders with educational paths based on platform for programmers of all levels. And as part of the series, we’ll be giving away 3 six month memberships to Code School for viewers wanting to up their coding game!

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Winners will be chosen on October 17, 2014. Additionally, in the coming weeks, we have two more live question and answer sessions with Linus and other programmers from Code School:

October 23, 2014 at 2 PM EST
November 6, 2014 at 2 PM EST

You can watch all of the livestreams on Linus’s Twitch channel, and we’ll be posting the recaps on our blog.

Code School Giveaway


2015-SG_BlogHeader-BBusiness analysts provide a deep understanding of businesses and specific industries, which is critical in the fast moving tech world. It’s also no secret that great analysts are tough to find. Part of the challenge stems from a tech talent shortage impacting the world’s most innovative companies. According to a recent study from LinkedIn, only a small portion of candidates consider themselves to be “actively” looking for a job — which means that employers need to conduct significant outreach to connect with top talent. The fact that candidates need more than technical skills to succeed (they need to be influencers and data storytellers too) only adds to the challenge.

As you can imagine, finding a candidate that possesses this unique combination of skill sets is like finding a unicorn. Therefore, the approach to finding talent needs to be creative. Here are a few strategies to consider to recruit business analysts:

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2015-SG_BlogHeader-BA good leader can make or break your team’s ability to hit the target on your latest project, which is why finding the right person to fill a project management role is critical. Finding project managers through the usual channels can yield solid picks, but it’s also worth looking beyond the usual suspects to find top talent. If you’re looking to broaden the types of candidates you attract for this invaluable role in your IT department, we have a few different approaches to consider to recruit project managers.

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