New Technology? 6 Old Technologies Renewed

October 24, 2017

Think there’s no use for old technology? Think again! New technology inventions have been happening more frequently for years now, but some of them are actually just a new spin on old beloved tech. We sifted through some of these exact scenarios and found some surprising new uses for the technologies of yesterday.

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The Ethics of Encryption

April 13, 2017

Our modern age of one and zeroes has brought countless conveniences to everyday life. At the same, the incredible technology we rely on to stay connected, help us get things done, and improve our lives comes with its own unique and still-emerging challenges. Data security is one of the big concern in the new digital landscape, and […]

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Top 5 Smart Cities in the U.S.

September 28, 2016

Smart cities are sprouting all over the United States landscape. Using technology to rethink public transportation, reimagine infrastructure, and solve public funding issues, these cities are at the top of the innovative technology list.

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6 Must-Follow Nerd Video Channels on YouTube

June 16, 2016

The days of parking it in front of the TV to get your entertainment fix may not be a thing of the past just yet, but online videos are taking over the watching world. With the explosion of quirky YouTube channels catering to all manner of tastes, you don’t have to look far to satiate […]

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Ad Blocker Adoption Drives Mobile App Development

May 23, 2016

The latest research from Tune suggests that up to 70% of mobile users are either currently blocking ads or are interested in an app that will eliminate ads. Digital marketers are understandably worried, given that the same report predicts 80% of users will have an ad blocker installed on their devices by the end of 2017. The use […]

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Go Green with These 6 Tech Tools

April 22, 2016

In honor of Earth Day, we put together a list of tech tools that will help you go green by doing things like find green accommodations or help your business cut back on paper usage. Even if you haven’t made the move to an all green office environment, the smallest eco-friendly changes are enough to make […]

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