7 Reasons Why Millennials Rock as Quantitative Analysts

August 6, 2013

When it comes to the job market, millennials have a bad rap with a laundry list of stereotypes. They’re arrogant. They’re intolerant of the corporate ladder. They’re impatient, perpetually unable to focus, and want promotions to happen yesterday. They have unrealistic expectations about how they’ll change the world. They’re egotistical and difficult; they come in late to […]

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The Data Aficionado’s Guide to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

April 22, 2013

With big data comes big consequences. Today’s gadgets, data storage systems, and cloud computing powerhouses are changing the world. From healthcare to banking and online media, information moves at lightning speed. Yes, IT aficionados, technology is revolutionizing life as you know it — but at what costs? Your MacBook Pros, statistical programming processes, and beautiful Retina […]

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