The Big Switch: How Job Hopping Can Benefit Job Seekers

October 6, 2016

Finding employment that’s fulfilling, challenging, and enjoyable enough to hold your interest is important for many job seekers. But let’s face it: when you get down to the nuts and bolts of the job hunt, salary is a major consideration, too. It’s also one of the biggest deciding factors that spurs currently employed tech workers […]

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Honing Your Business-Savvy IT Chops: Staying Afloat in a Competitive Job Market

June 4, 2013

The days when you can just cruise by and expect to advance your career based-on your finely-honed IT skills, alone, are fading fast. Companies are increasingly asking for more. They’re looking for well-rounded IT gurus who are supremely business-savvy, have sharp communications skills, and are on top of the latest IT trends within their particular […]

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Achieving the Work/Life Balance

May 28, 2013

The concept of “balance” is an appealing one. It’s also hard to achieve. When seeking to balance work and life, most people aim for perfection in both, but that’s not realistic (or attainable!) and definitely doesn’t lead to a good balance between the two. Attempting to be everywhere, and appease everyone, at once is a great way […]

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Hackathons: Building Apps & Building Skill

May 7, 2013

So, hackathons… I’ve been looking forward to this post, as hackathons are near and dear to me. Over the last couple years, I led the organizational efforts for PennApps, the student-run hackathon hosted at University of Pennsylvania (Penn) every semester. In that time, PennApps has grown significantly to become one of the biggest student-run college hackathons […]

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Staying Sane While Working Remotely

April 9, 2013

The Internet is a cool place full of expanding opportunities and cutting edge technology. For many folks in the IT world and beyond, it allows us the freedom to work outside of the nine-to-five slog and tackle many unique and fulfilling jobs without ever having to set foot in a stuffy office setting. Working remotely […]

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The Untarnishing of IT

August 6, 2009

Has informational technology (IT) become the leading source of improvement in business productivity in the US? Experts at Gartner Research say yes, but IT still has a hard time shaking the bad reputation of unjustified cost overruns. Companies think in terms of ROI, and that can be difficult to quantify in any tangible way when looking at the value of an IT project. It’s about time IT got an image makeover, from an unpredictable and costly expense to a solid business investment.

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