Hackathons: Building Apps & Building Skill

May 7, 2013

So, hackathons… I’ve been looking forward to this post, as hackathons are near and dear to me. Over the last couple years, I led the organizational efforts for PennApps, the student-run hackathon hosted at University of Pennsylvania (Penn) every semester. In that time, PennApps has grown significantly to become one of the biggest student-run college hackathons […]

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RIM’s Rebranding: Did Research In Motion Make a Major Mistake?

March 25, 2013

What’s in a name? As it turns out: everything. RIM’s rebranding to Blackberry was an epic move for the Waterloo company. After losing its (once massive) share of the smartphone market, big changes were needed. That change came in the form of a new phone, new OS, and new name. But were these changes for the […]

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The 5 Worst Software Flops of All Time

June 6, 2011

We love to complain about software. It’s second only to the weather on most office hit-lists. And while there are lots of examples of present software glitches and headaches, we thought instead of slamming specific companies, it would be more interesting to take a look at a half-dozen more historical software flubs, flops, and failures […]

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12 Up-&-Coming Tech Innovators

June 1, 2011

Around the late 1960s, in the heyday of Xerox (even before IBM really got going), the former gathered the nation’s top minds in computers together in one giant research campus. There, staff at Xerox invented nearly everything we now associate with the modern PC: desktop computers, the mouse, Ethernet, windows, laser printers, and more. Back […]

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The 8 Most Enjoyable IT Jobs

March 1, 2011

While most enjoyable IT jobs come with sufficient pay to contribute to said jobs’ level of enjoyment, many employees rank happiness on the job above salary. With that in mind and based on a combination of satisfaction, salary, opportunity for advancement, and job stability, here are our picks for the 8 most enjoyable jobs in […]

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