4 for the 4th: The Coolest Tech Made in America

by Modis on June 24, 2014

With the arrival of summer, it’s no surprise that most Independence Day celebrations take advantage of the beautiful weather and hinge on familiar favorites like hot grilled goodies, refreshing cold beverages, and impressive fireworks displays that light up the warm night air. Those are all excellent things in our book, but we figured it might also be to fun put our own little tech-centric spin on the July 4th festivities by highlighting some of the coolest tech made in America.

markerbot replicator made in americaMakerBot Replicator

The allure of 3D printing is undeniable. Imagine being able to print all manner of 3D objects, everything from cute standalone figurines to components for building more elaborate gear, using digital designs? That’s magic. Or is it? MakerBot, a hot NYC-based tech startup founded in 2009, puts this power in the hands of everyday consumers with its fascinating line or replicators.

The company’s desktop replicators use layered bioplastic filament made from corn to “print” 3D objects. Beyond the fun of simply creating neat figures and models for personal use, these machines are used heavily throughout the design world for rapid prototyping product ideas. It’s also worth noting that every single 3D printer MakerBot produces is assembled and tested on-site in its Brooklyn factory.

Pebble Smartwatch

As we talked about during Geekstakes, advances in wearable technology are progressing at a rapid pace, and the Pebble Smartwatch is the latest in futuristic wristwear. The California-based company Pebble Technology launched this unique debut project on Kickstarter with a $100,000 goal and quickly grew to become the sites most successful crowdfunding project to date, generating a grand total of $10.2 million in funds across almost 69,000 backers.

The watch itself is a slick customizable device that does far more than simply tell time. It connects wirelessly to your iphone or Android phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to change music tracks, see incoming calls and techs, and interact with tons of other specialized apps right from your wrist. How cool is that?

Tesla Motors

American Made TechnologyWhile many other automakers are touted as being “Made in America,” Tesla’s electric vehicles are completely developed, designed and manufactured on American soil. With the release of their 2010 Roadster, Tesla became the first to mass produce an electric sports car. Base prices for Tesla’s vehicles range from the $109,000 Roadster to the Model S sedan’s $57,400. There’s plans to release the $30,000-40,000  Model X with expected delivery in 2015.

Tesla is also innovative in their sales strategy. By operating company-owned showrooms and galleries in 22 States and Washington, DC, they educate their consumers in-store but require them to purchase vehicles from their website. This direct customer sales model is vastly different than the standard dealership practices commonly found in the auto marketplace. 

MainGear – Gaming PCs

When it comes to high-end gaming PCs that pack the processing power and speed to handle the latest cutting edge game releases hitting the market, MainGear is a top contender within the US market and beyond. Based-in New Jersey, this award-winning boutique PC maker has carved out a big reputation within its niche, focusing on fine-tuning its machines to squeeze as much power and performance out of its rigs as possible.

The company was founded back in 2002 by Wallace Santos, who was debating whether he should launch a business around his enthusiasm for tinkering with high-end PCs or kick off a business modding hotrods — another passion of his. We’re happy that he settled on the former rather than the latter.

Stars and Stripes and Stellar Technology

With the patriotic mood in the air, we’re happy to tip our hats to these unique companies and innovative product producers that have chosen to set up shop in the USA and contribute to our country’s growing tech industry. What’s your favorite American-made tech? Leave it in the comments below!

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