After the Olympics: Athletes Begin Their Job Search

by Modis on April 2, 2014

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As the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia wrapped up, we began reflecting on how amazing it was to watch Team USA athletes make their dreams come true! These athletes gave it their all after years of dedicating their lives to their sport. The Olympics are not just 17 days every two years, but an everyday commitment. The reality is, as hard as these athletes train, no one makes it to the Olympic or Paralympic Games alone. Each athlete has a support team that includes their family, coaches, friends, and fans. They also have support from their employers. Leading up to the Games, these employers became the “team behind the team”. Through the Athlete Career Program, Modis is able to assist in placing these athletes in flexible jobs that work around their travel and training schedules.

Support Team USA, Hire an Athlete

The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games have come to a close and now, more than ever, these athletes need your support finding jobs. You might be thinking, why would a professional athlete need a job? Don’t these athletes make big money? Well, in reality, very few athletes have big endorsement deals. Just like us, most athletes have to work to pay their bills. As you can imagine, it’s hard for them to balance their full-time training schedules and their “day jobs”. That’s why Modis is dedicated to finding these athletes part-time or full-time work through the Athlete Career Program.

Athletes in the Workplace

Athletes possess the drive, determination, focus, and teamwork that make them top talent in the workplace. While they might not have all the technical skills you’re looking for, they have the ability and the fortitude to learn these skills and learn from you. For these athletes, team spirit comes naturally and they serve as motivators to their colleagues. Create a medal-winning workforce with an athlete from our Athlete Career Program.

An Athlete Talks the Athlete Career Program

Patrick Meek is a Team USA speedskater and found work through his partnership with the Athlete Career Program. Patrick says the program helped him learn new skills while pursuing his Olympic Dreams. “I get a flexible work schedule so I can travel the world for competitions and training”, says Meek. The flexible schedule also gave him freedom to focus on going for gold and allowed him to continue to build towards his career goals.

Do you want to add an Olympian or Paralympian to your workforce? Contact us today and mention the program in your subject line.

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