Put a winner in your workforce with our Athlete Career Program

by Modis on October 29, 2013

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Modis is a U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Spnosor

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls are some of the most competitive, driven and successful people on the planet. As a proud sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team, we can make these athletes an exceptional part of your company.

Through our exclusive sponsorship, Modis is the only IT staffing and solutions provider to offer the Athlete Career Program. The program offers valuable career coaching, training and job placement assistance to participating athletes.

WIN-WIN With The Athlete Career Program

The Athlete Career Program puts U.S. Olympic and Paralympic dreams within reach for thousands of current and aspiring athletes. Through part-time job opportunities, it affords participants the flexibility and financial security they need to train and pursue their Olympic goals. It also helps them build foundations for successful careers after the games – and their athletic careers – are over.

In exchange, participating companies get a unique asset in their organization.

While their technical skills vary, all athletes bring tremendous value to the workplace – positive attitudes, unwavering determination and the uncanny ability to influence and motivate your entire team. These traits can’t be taught, but they can be added to your workforce through the Athlete Career Program.

The Olympic Spirit

Modis shares the Olympic spirit and embraces its values of diversity, inclusion, cooperation, competition and teamwork. We hope you share it too, and we invite you to become a participating company in the Athlete Career Program. To learn more about the Athlete Career Program, or to connect with our exceptional athletes contact us today.

In case you missed it, check out our Go For Workplace Gold Webinar!

Modis is proud to offer our readers a free webinar featuring our very own athletes and colleagues sharing their expertise and insight on what it takes to strive for the big win! This webinar, featuring Modis AVP/college basketball star, Brody Deren, & Modis Talent Sourcer/nationally-ranked swimmer, Ben Hesen, educates viewers on the tools to create your dream team in the office, as well as practical tips for boosting productivity, motivation and morale in your workplace.

To learn about teamwork and success, watch now!

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