Why The Athlete Career Program?

by Angel Bovee on February 11, 2014

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Modis is a U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Spnosor

Don’t all Olympians make big money in their sport?
Why they heck do they need jobs?
Aren’t they set for life?

This is a very common misconception about Olympic and Paralympic athletes.  The truth is, very few athletes receive the big endorsements or end up on a cereal box.  How many U.S. field hockey players or bobsledders can you name?  Most athletes have to work to pay their bills, just like the rest of us.  It is very challenging to train full-time in your sport in addition to working to earn a paycheck.  Training to win the gold is a full-time job that requires showing up ready to give 100% day after day, week after week, for years on end.

Take it from me; I know firsthand that Olympic dreams are not free!  To pursue my boxing dreams, I made the difficult decision to leave my job as a successful television producer so I could train full-time.  I worked several part-time jobs, moved out of my apartment and into my car to lower my expenses and dedicated myself to become the best in the U.S.  That is why I am now so proud to be part of the Athlete Career Program, a unique partnership between the United States Olympic Committee and Modis to help currently training Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls find flexible part-time jobs that work around their travel and training schedules.  The Athlete Career Program helps athletes earn a paycheck and gain job experience while allowing them to continue to train to represent the United States on the world’s largest and toughest stage.

While athletes do require a lot of flexibility in their schedules, the feedback we have gotten from companies that have hired athletes has been phenomenal!  Athletes possess the drive, determination, focus, and teamwork that make them top talent in the workplace.  Now your company has the ability to get involved in the Athlete Career Program and place top talent in your workplace.  Click here for more information about Modis’ Athlete Career Program. If interested, we will send you information on how to get started.  Watch for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games February 6-23 and the Paralympic Winter Games March 7-16.  Go Team USA!

About the Author: Angel Bovee

Angel Bovee, a retired three-time U.S. Boxing Champion and motivational speaker is also a Specialist for the Athlete Career Program. Working numerous jobs and living in her car to make her dreams of competing on Team USA a reality, Angel understands the plight of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls first hand. She and the ACP team have helped countless top athletes lay the foundations for successful careers.

Visit Angel’s blog, Boxing Angel, to keep up with her personal journey.

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