What You Never Knew About Being a Recruiter

by Modis on January 21, 2015

Recruiter's desk with computer, coffee and notepadRecruiting is one of the most rewarding fields out there. Your job is to help people find their next big opportunity. On any given day, you’ll have the opportunity meet incredible people, help your organization grow, and deliver amazing news via job offers. Not to mention, you’ll be paid well and will have the opportunity to work for some of the most innovative organizations in the world.

But there is even more to the story. Here are five things you might not know about being a recruiter:

1. You’re always working, but that’s a good thing.

Because bringing in new business means that your bonus is getting bigger. As a recruiter, you’ll work hard — often outside of a standard 9-to-5 schedule. But that’s a good thing because recruiter salaries often have a strong performance component and will be proportional to the work that you put in. It’s common for top recruiters to earn more than $200,000 annually. While the industry is tough, it’s also immensely rewarding.

2. You’re delivering something that is valuable in a highly measurable way.

It’s tough for companies to find great talent — which means that the service you provide will be high in demand. As a recruiter, you can directly measure the results of your contributions by the number of people you’ve successfully placed and incremental revenue that the new hire has or will generate for the company you’re representing. People are the heart of business, and you will be the catalyst that connects employers with new talent.

3. Every person you meet is an investment in your business.

If you love people, you’ll love being a recruiter. As you grow in your career, you’ll be doing business with a lot of different candidates and employers, which means that your network will need to be as extensive as possible. Recruiting is one of the only professions out there that makes meeting people your job.

4. You’ll be the face of the company that you’re representing.

You may think that it’s the CEO who is the face of your organization. Not so much. As a connector between talent and employers, it will be you. You will be the person publicizing your company to the world — the face representing your company’s brand.

5. You’ll have lots of freedom and control.

Every job req has its own set of challenges. That’s why many recruiters have complete control over their own schedule. While your manager may suggest ideas, it’s rare that you’ll need to follow every last detail. Instead, you’ll be responsible — and rewarded — for setting your own methods. The more you grow and succeed, the more freedom you’ll have.Work at Modis - We're hiring!

Join an Exceptional Team of Recruiters

If you love people, business and challenging projects, you’ll love being a recruiter. You’ll be one of the most valued resources for your clients —  and more importantly, you’ll help your candidates’ connect with their dream jobs.

It’s our job to connect people with great opportunities, and we’re looking for individuals seeking a rewarding and exciting care they can feel good about. If working with one of the most dynamic recruiting companies in the world interests you, check out our latest job openings.

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