How People and Technology are Shaping Recruiting

by Modis on June 27, 2018

yolian ceo for one month discussing recruiting and technologyThe debate is on: whether man or machine will win the race as they are pitted against each other in every walk of life. Experts are already worried about the social disruption that is inevitable as artificial intelligence (AI) led robots take over the jobs of human beings, leaving them to find new ways of living. So the question is… what happens to talent acquisition roles in IT and engineering staffing?

On my CEO for One Month journey, I spent some time with Modis in their Denver location. As someone avidly interested in the future of tech, I was excited to meet the leading provider of enterprise and recruitment solutions to see just how they are meeting the current demands of this digital age – especially as it pertains to man vs. machine.

Automation in Recruiting

Automation is the reality of the day, bringing the added advantages of saved time, increased efficiency, better candidate experience, reduced errors, saved money, improved employee experience, satisfaction and retention. However, the role of human intervention cannot be denied. Humans bring to the table analytical thought process paired with experience-based judgement and assessment capabilities that even the best of self-learning robots cannot learn to perfection, at least not in the near future. This means that man and machine will co-exist as organizations look to tap into the benefits of both to make HR processes more effective and intuitive. The modern day recruiter must prepare to tackle this challenge.

That’s where Modis comes in.

People and Technology: Finding the Balance

During my time at the Denver Strategic Delivery Center (SDC) and client sites, I saw firsthand how Modis is actively seeking to achieve the balance between people and technology. At the SDC, Modis is enhancing their colleagues’ skills to understand and work alongside technology that allows for faster candidate sourcing while maintaining human relationships with each and every client. Because of this focus on client needs, clients value our services.

In spite of advancing technology, Modis still recognizes what truly makes them stand apart in any tech staffing industry: the balance of candidate and client care, passion, and team spirit.

As I shadowed each SDC team (IT, engineering, business professional, high volume, etc.), I wondered what it takes to become a successful recruiter. At the end of the day, it’s knowing that you are impacting someone’s life by helping him or her find a job. That is the true motivation for all of the amazing people here at Modis.

I walked away gaining so much insight into the future of work, how Modis is responding to the tech evolution, and the role each person plays on such a dynamic team!

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