The (Not-So-Well-Known) Perks of Working for a Staffing Company

by Modis on December 17, 2014

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As a staffing agency recruiter, you have a rare ability to help peoples’ dreams come true. It’s your role that facilitates the introductory handshake between hiring managers and potential employees. You help top performers reach new heights in their careers, and by making this crucial connection, you make it possible for companies to grow with the right talent. But making exceptional connections isn’t the only perk of working as a recruiter.

Here are 6 less-than-obvious perks of working for a staffing company like Modis:

1. You See the World

Staffing agencies help their clients solve their most pressing business challenges — the ability to find the right people. As a recruiter, you’ll often travel on site to forge closer relationships with partners. In other words, you’ll travel to different locations on the staffing agency’s dime. You’ll work, but you’ll also have fun with your teammates and clients along the way.

2. You’ll Get to Compete

Regional contests hosted by the agency foster creativity, competition, and collaboration. You’ll have the opportunity to win amazing prizes including cool gear, dinners, parties, trophies — and even all-inclusive incentive trips. These opportunities are a part of the job and exist for one reason alone — to appreciate team members and make them feel happier in their roles.

3. You’ll Get Involved with the Community

Modis makes volunteering and community involvement a priority. Team members participate in annual sporting-based events. These initiatives often involve trips to international locations like Europe. You’ll have a direct hand in raising money for foundations around the world — like Win4Youth, an organization that helps raise money for youth-facing nonprofits.

4. You’ll Bond with Your Team

Work at ModisAn organization is only as strong as its team member bonds. Staffing firms make team outings a priority. As part of the team, you’ll participate in fun activities like bowling, go kart racing, and flag football.

5. You’ll Get to Attend Once-in-a-Lifetime Events

You’ll get more than a salary — you’ll get sponsorship opportunities to attend amazing events around the world. As a big company, Modis is in a unique position to forge one-of-a-kind relationships with large event organizations. The opportunities will trickle down directly to you — the recruiter.

6. You’ll be Paid Well

In addition to base salaries, employees receive generous bonus compensation. You’ll be compensated for your hard work based on your individual — and the company’s — performance. Great people drive great companies. The better paid team members are, the greater they will be.

Making the Right Choice

It’s important to choose a staffing firm that sets you up for a bright future. The recruiting industry is full of strong opportunities for growth and one day, you may become a senior partner or even run your own firm. The decisions you make now will set you up for an amazing career. That’s why it’s important to choose a firm that values — and invests — in you. To find out more about Modis or check out our available positions, go to

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